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3.15 has passed, but how can a personal website, as an important role in the Internet, win more consumer support? Yesterday in the Internet news to find the well-known Dangdang sold the Apple phone is a repair machine, the well-known website is so, personal site? Do not know how many personal sites sold products are in line with consumer demand for products, in the face of this situation as a personal webmaster to be on March 15 this day to stand on the heel, then must do the following points, these work is not only March 15 to do, this is a long-term mechanism.

Clear website Service content, to serve users

What the website should do, our service content is what should be clear, such as your website is selling clothes, then we must be clear about the quality of our clothes is a few levels, our clothes exactly how much money, all these information to the consumer publicity, do not you flag selling seven wolves, Results The consumer received a look only found that is false seven wolves, the emergence of this information on a site is a loss, such a long time to go down the internet also can not tolerate your site, only a solid for the sake of users, sincere treatment of users of the site can be long-term operation.

Quality in exchange for profit, in return for support in good faith

With the discovery of market economy, many people who do service content are a little impolite, either their own thinking is not simple, or their own behavior is not simple, why March 15 this day to be set as a consumer rights Day, to a large extent this is for those who are not high quality, service attitude is not good service content, No matter what we do on the website or provide what services, our website must adhere to the quality of winning, positive and consumer communication, so that our website more and more perfect, rather than blindly reckless, remember: quality is the core, in good faith is the lever.

Establish a long-term mechanism to enable users to drive users

Why many websites and Taobao shop are now complaining, fundamentally speaking is because of her website and Taobao shop operation Lack of long-term mechanism, the establishment of long-term mechanism and the development of the site is closely related, and perhaps some of the webmaster do not know what the long-term mechanism is, here focus on the site to operate a long-term mechanism to do some explaining.

The long-term mechanism of the website should take the user experience as the goal, takes the user demand as the core, takes the user service as the foundation, the establishment long lasting mechanism after the stationmaster should take various means to the website content to carry on the conformity, to the website each service cleans, then digs out a suitable user's route, 3.15 of the emergence of the site is also a long-term mechanism of testing, if your site has not been reported by users, complaints, then we can also see the Web site in the credibility of the Internet is relatively good, once the complaint behavior may be our site will be affected.

3.15 for consumers to promote consumer awareness of consumption, and for personal webmaster This is a piece of testing stone, I believe that webmaster as long as in the future of the website operation in the process of adhering to the user-centric, then the site operation will not be off track, our users will choose to believe us, And that is our ultimate goal. This article first A5, by cartoon webmaster original, hope webmaster friends in the future of the Web site operation process to pay attention to integrity.

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