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Today in A5 see a article called "a year of the unexamined webmaster Life" article. Let me have a deep feeling, said is a jobless webmaster full-time do personal website story. Website promotion and operation is difficult, without financial support and girlfriend support. This webmaster finally failed to stick down, lost his girlfriend, can't find a new job, helpless end of his one-year webmaster life. What is the reason for this stationmaster's failure? Can we heed the lesson?

Now there are a lot of people like this webmaster, have the idea of quitting work to do their own website. But not adequate preparation, no money support, no strong technology as a backing I believe that webmaster is our precedent. But the success of a website is not only these factors, we need to have a good idea! A feature that belongs to the website, the idea of the brilliant. So before we dive into the Internet business, we have to think twice before we do it:

Think, do station need money

Quitting the job is tantamount to cutting off the source of the economy, a headlong into the ranks of the station, and often all alone. It is likely that every day can only eat bubble noodles, eating steamed bread to live. A Web site from the input to the most effective will also take 3-6 months, so in the absence of sufficient funds to prepare, or do not move the idea.

Second thoughts, technology and team

Do station need comprehensive technology, from art, program, promotion, operation. So a person "stand alone" is definitely not a wise choice, even if you are comprehensive, these technologies you will. But you do not have invincible, how to a person and several posts? It's a dead end for a person to do a station, and it's important to have a team.

Think twice.

This is the most important point, your site to have your own ideas, there are unique, no point, technology in good, strong team, funds in the rich, do not try to do the station. Personal station wants to come out in the boundless net sea, need is unique characteristic, different place.

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