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The recent drama starring Honglei, "lurk" is a household name, he played in the play of the figure is also become people talk about the focus, the reason is hot, and it is suitable for different types of viewers also have a relationship, the male audience can watch the thrilling, suspense-ridden spy war plot, female viewers can see the revolutionary romantic love, White-collar can see office politics and officialdom struggle, students can learn about juntong history knowledge, that as stationmaster of we should learn from what?

1. Strong ideals and beliefs.

In the more then into the underground work task, remember the leadership to him said a word, "the key moment anything can change, only the belief can not change", it is because of the firm unchanged faith to create his magic. This point for already do station webmaster or will do station webmaster is a must remember words, must have their own beliefs, have their own ideals, a lofty ideals and a strong belief in the webmaster is undoubtedly strong, this is more important than any technology, must be strong. Because the ideal will continue to strive for ideals, even if the way forward how bumpy. With the ideal you will continue to work hard every day, even if you are physically and mentally exhausted, with the ideal, your life every day is full of sunshine, make you more attractive. So there is the ideal webmaster is the most cattle webmaster. I think every webmaster step into this circle is with a dream come, only like more than the firm ideal, can finally let the dream become reality.

2. Stick to it.

For this a lot of people put forward, seems to insist also became Webmaster's mantra, also in the Admin5 saw a "there is a force called persistence" article. As a webmaster, we face the loneliness of a person to adhere to, in the face of other people's doubts to adhere to, the future is confused to adhere to. Adhere to become the necessary quality in this circle, as Ma Yun said, "Today is very cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is very good, but most people die in the night, see the Sun" so stationmaster should learn left hand warm right hand.

3. Innovation.

This is reflected in the more vividly, in order to get every important information, he must come up with a qimei approach, both to obtain information to protect themselves. As an excellent webmaster, must have a sense of crisis, and constantly come up with new solutions, always stand in the user's perspective to consider whether the site can do better, more time to consider these issues than every day to think about how to pass the cheat to traffic better.

4. Forget the success in the shortest time.

In more than a task completed, Cui Ping want to celebrate. More said: As an underground staff, must use the shortest time to forget success. This sentence is too classic, it should be our motto of each webmaster. Do the station for a long time, as long as the operation of a good, will certainly get results, such as sales advertising, traffic has been greatly improved. These for the day and night of the webmaster is undoubtedly the greatest praise, because after all, see their own pay has a return, and then to a drunk side Hugh.

I do the industry site also has a period of time, also began to have a little profit, know the site revenue for a webmaster is how not easy, but the more in good time, the higher the flow of time to think about what to do next? What if the flow is gone? Sometimes it's not a bad thing to think about the worst. Or for those who pay attention to Baidu every day, Google included or PR class webmaster Friends is not suffering. In fact, there is nothing, this is like the Chinese stock market, there will be a bull market, only their continuous efforts to achieve greater success.

Have a woman's edge. "Latent" in the more than female popularity is good. As a webmaster usually in the eyes of people are every day open eyes, slovenly people, not to talk about what girlfriend. Webmaster Friends remember a word: work is to better life. What do we stand for? What is happiness? Health is paramount.

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