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Now because of the rapid development of the network, the number of home access to the Internet has become increasingly large, according to statistics on the number of Chinese Internet access to more than 200 million, so the individual at home online, making money became possible, but also a part of the people are really successful, such as Tencent. So also attracted a large number of relevant personnel to join in, according to the national Personal Web site reached more than 800,000, of course, the number of successful promotion of their own site accounted for a very few, today's personal website to promote the issue of personal views.

How to the hundreds of millions of web pages by the vast number of Internet users to find and login to the site, relative to the web is not too difficult to produce, a considerable part of the site owners have not recognized its importance. Some of them realize that after seeing the complex optimization process, expenditure, the diversity of methods are at a loss, more part of a more disgusting despicable cheating means, so that the quality of Chinese web pages compared to other countries have a larger gap, no wonder some experts in the United States to remind Chinese users, the quality of the Web page in the world behind.

How to improve the website traffic, promote the world rankings, improve the user to turn head, I talk about personal ideas.

First, insist on quality.

First, the preparation of the preparatory work to do a full, relevant knowledge of the preparation, website planning, service positioning, object-oriented, website promotion, post service and daily maintenance updates. Web page not only lies in the appearance of beautiful, more important is the function of single-minded, easy to use, can provide users with accurate and perfect service, you see Microsoft's homepage is not fancy, but the function is powerful and practical, so this is the first, not the façade.

Second, adhere to the original.

Original can give users a new feeling, can fully attract users and major search engines to join, improve the return, do not use some collection means to repeat the things on the net, the webmaster to pay their own labor, with their hard work for real user groups.

Iii. Daily Maintenance.

Web page is unchanged, even if the content is good, see more will not have the attraction, you men look like beauty, and then the beautiful woman, long time also look annoyed, so the webmaster should often update the content, do not think that once the pay can enjoy happiness, sitting home to make money, do not believe that the individual website propaganda, the world does not have a free breakfast. Site owners to keep abreast of the development of the situation, master the latest information, and enrich their website to keep evergreen, this can make their website also maintain evergreen, wallet can be more and more drum. In short, pay and income are equal.

Iv. resolutely resist cheating.

There are a lot of increased traffic on the Internet, fast ranking rise, mass mailing, QQ Mass, forum Mass, site bulk login and other software, as well as some related websites, this is short-sighted behavior, may be a short period of time can have some effect, but in the long term this is a chronic suicidal behavior, not only for your site to bring real customers, will only bring you viruses, trojans, bring disputes, and even bring legal responsibility, I think some webmaster still have some experience. So we have a strong resistance to cheating.

Five, legitimate and reasonable use of web site promotion methods

Website to develop, website promotion is appropriate need, but to legitimate, more in the Web page Production code optimization efforts, through advertising, legal login search engine, such as Baidu, Google and so on, release information, do some friendship links, here talk about my special forces outside the network ( The experience of friendship links, the first to Prudential, I find others to do the friendship link is a letter, the effect is very good, I wrote the text:

XX webmaster:


I am a special forces outside the network ( webmaster, concerned about your station has been a long time, feel your station do very well! Want to exchange links with you, to be able to do a love link with you has been a wish for me, I do not know whether your station agree, I have to add a good link to your station! Please watch the guidance ~! if what is wrong, but also hope you to point out!

The following is an introduction to this website:

1. Introduction to the Web

Special forces outside the network is the official network of Special Forces partners, the site is free for the vast number of players to provide special forces plug-in, special forces download and game-related information of the special station, our website adhere to the original article, often keep updated, so many to cater to the search engine's favorite!

2. Link information:

Website name: Special Forces plug

Title information: Special Forces plug

Connection Address:

Okay, let's do this! Hope that our future cooperation will allow the development of their own website further! Esteemed station better! I will always pay attention to your station! The New Year is coming, wish you good health! Home and everything! The longer the more handsome!

My Contact: qq:125350585

Date: XX month XX day

In this way, plus others QQ, to talk about, the chances of success is relatively large. Exchange links with large websites and other methods, this is the right path, is the correct way to long-term development.

Don't be impatient.

The site is going to stand out on the huge web, not two days a day, and two months in January, this is a long-term project, but also a huge project, some webmaster just built a few days to the top of the rankings, attracted a lot of customers, want to quickly pull ads to make money, this is not realistic, the world on you do well, you are smart, wrong, To think of how many people each day for their own future consideration, in the effort, so we still calm down to work hard, long-term efforts will bring you rich returns.

In short, the website promotion is the most important part of the success, the stationmaster must do the full thought work and the technical preparation work, the effort, the endurance, persists, like this can obtain the good effect.

Welcome everybody to discuss together.

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