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Brand is reputation, is vitality, if you want to do a long-term vitality of the site, you need to build your site's brand power! The brand power includes several aspects, the general definition of the brand.

1. Definition in general: A brand is a name, noun, symbol or design, or a combination thereof, designed to identify the product or service of a seller or a group of sellers and differentiate it from the competitor's products and services.

2. As a brand strategy development definition: Brand is through these factors and a series of market activities and the result of the results of a kind of image recognition, feeling, quality awareness, and through these and demonstrated customer loyalty, in general, it belongs to an intangible asset. So this time a brand appears as an intangible asset.

3, the brand is the enterprise, the product and the consumer establishes one kind of relations.

As a personal site, we can not only meet in the number of visits per day, how many users, we also need to see through our website itself the value of its brand, is not unique brand value, our logo, our name, our entire site layout, Our site to give people the first impression of our site and the interaction of netizens, mutual relations and so on, all reflect the site's brand value. To build a website brand and maintain the brand, we need to pay attention to the following aspects.

First: Brand is an intangible value, intangible assets, we need careful care, each site is from scratch, from a few users to the tens of thousands of users from the user base, regardless of the number of visits to our site, users are more or less, we need to carefully care about our site, like raising a child to treat our site , like our food and clothing parents treat the site users, can be believed that such a site must have vitality, with brand value.

Second: The core of the brand is a reputation, is the test of our website the most important value factor, but the foundation is our website has the practicality, is a netizen real has the practical website, otherwise, the rubbish website does again perfect, also but the rubbish website, therefore the personal website localization must be clear, wants to make one to the Netizen, To the social useful website, like this, the website may have the brand, only then can produce the value.

Third: the establishment of the brand is not a fujue of things, it needs our long-term unremitting efforts, brand building has never been an easy thing, it also needs us to adhere to, focus, as the saying goes, Rome is not a day to build, the site's brand is not built overnight.

If you want to do today's forum, tomorrow and want to do SNS, today with Discuz, after a period of time and replaced by the Empire, such a site can build brand reputation? Any site needs to adhere to and focus on, just like my current website ( Guangzhou Barter Exchange Network, It is intended to use 5 years to build Guangzhou's most authoritative personal goods trading website.

Four: Brand promotion requires attention to detail, there is a saying that the details are doomed to success or failure, many people may think of the brand is to need publicity, we need to play advertising, in fact, publicity is only the site to establish a part of the brand, more important is the site of word of mouth, which requires us to improve the experience of users feel, Do not let go of any damage to the user experience of the place, we need to grasp the details, so that users really feel the value of the site.

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