Personalized Math After-school counseling knowre 6.8 million dollars a round of investment

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Games and education is more like a pair of "nanfennanshe" lovers, each other. Games and education are very large market share, so that the combination of the two is full of high expectations. The main "entertaining" online education products are also gaining more and more investors ' pro-Lai. Knowre, an online education product that has been coached after a game of math, recently announced a 6.8 million dollar investment in a round. Knowre is an adaptive high school curriculum based on the cloud that provides students with personalized courses that maximize their potential. It currently provides the elementary algebra, algebraic ⅰ and algebraic Ⅱ of the American Junior high school students with a synchronous after-school math tutor. Open the Knowre interface, as if into the "monopoly" game. Each knowledge point in the classroom is distributed in a point of view on a large map, each knowledge point has a number of after-school test questions, complete all the challenges before they can go to the next site. Knowre has also been welcomed by school teachers and has become an integral part of the school's homework in most of the United States. In the past, teachers struggled to balance the differences between students and the teaching, and were replaced by more humanized adaptive courses. Teachers can log in to the background to check each student's class test scores, according to the results of the students for each knowledge point of mastery, for each student to provide "personalized" counseling. The purpose of this function is to liberate teachers, the "no difference" mode of teaching in traditional classroom, so that teachers can not understand each student, and knowre provided by the knowledge point for the node of the data feedback so that "good students no longer feel bored, poor students no longer despair", to ensure that each student has to get with their own relative should "growth help." To provide students with "personalized" education has become the consensus of all educators, but the traditional classroom, the number of students, teachers limited to the "personalized" argument easily become "armchair". More and more online educational products are trying to bridge the gap, making it more effective for teachers and students to connect and communicate. Previously reported on foreign Google Classroom, as well as domestic onion teaching and other online education products are constantly showing the trend of this aspect, I believe that in the future "personalized" education will no longer be a difficult task.
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