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The domestic Internet after recent years of development, has formed a certain range of markets, whether enterprises, units, or small production workshops, and even many individuals, have their own web site, some are used to show the company's corporate image, some convenient for people who need to know their own units of the work flow, And more people are looking for business opportunities through the Internet, to obtain profits, with the popularization of social information, more and more companies, individuals have targeted the network marketing countries. Because the internet is a huge treasure, it is really tempting, will attract more people to the Internet. encryption dog cracked web, personal website.

The greedy nature of man is where the profit, the swarm of the past, in the case of such fierce competition, how can we stand undefeated? First of all to promote your website, do not promote as not to build stations. After the establishment of the station only to carry out effective promotion will let the website really bring benefits to you. Common Web site promotion tools and resources include search engines, catalogues, emails, web links, online Yellow pages and classified ads. In the professional search website to do the promotion of Google, Baidu, Sohu and so on, the consequences of a relatively prominent sequence is:

Google on the left-more than 80% people with Google search---(through SEO site optimization)

Baidu-the largest search engine in China

If you have done a website bidding rankings, you may have had such experience: "The first few months of the site on the left of the top price only need 1.5 yuan, now have to raise to 10.5 yuan." This means that the site will cost 10.5 yuan per click 1 times. Competition in the industry allows you to raise costs in a very short time. SEO site optimization does not exist this factor. And if you optimize your site rankings after promotion, continue to adhere to high-quality reverse convergence number of additions and content protection, your left ranking will continue to adhere to or improve.

SEO site optimization is targeted at most professional search engines, your site not only in Google to get the ranking promotion, while in other major search engines will also enhance your ranking of the site. The choice of PPC ads to reach this effect is necessary and the search engines to sign an advertising agreement, which undoubtedly adds a lot of capital. SEO website optimization can help you improve the comprehensive index of the Web page, if your ranking has been promoted, will not easily land. And if the auction ended, the site link ranking can be dissipated.

This aspect of foreign development compared to early, as early as 97 years or so someone engaged in the work of relevance, should be in the stage of high-speed development. They have professional staff, professional company (and is very wide) engaged in search engine research, optimization and so on. In recent years, with the popularity of SEO knowledge, as well as people on the understanding of SEO, there will be more and more corporate web site to SEO, with the search engine skills continue to mature, as well as the SEO level of the company's progress of the difficulty of SEO rankings will face more and more challenges!

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