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Bug Marketing Software We also use a period of time, in the blog Mass, forum mass also a lot of new problems appear, today put these new problems sorted out, convenient for everyone to see, I hope you worm friends to play the ultimate software functions, do better!

Q: Is the use of Pest blog Group Assistant will be k?

Answer: Mass software has a certain risk. The sending time needs to control the sending quantity and the frequency according to the user's own actual situation and the experience. If hair too much, too fast, too fierce, it may be Baidu and Google down right. More serious, be K home or not included. Here to remind users, do not only optimize the bulk of the home page, the appropriate optimization inside pages is very necessary. In contrast, blog group building products such as Bug Blog 2009 is relatively safe, because most of the sent are articles, not spam comments (piled up a large number of linked to the garbage chain factory), essentially different. Using a blog group to build a product is basically no risk.

Mass will not become a direct cause of k, because mass can be initiated by any third party, such as you can give others the site mass, but this can not lead to other people's site by K. The so-called mass by K is often the combination of other factors, such as a Web site content garbage, piling, there is no high-quality outside the chain, but there are a large number of low quality forum and comment links, it is likely to be K. On the contrary, a site rich in content, often updated, with a number of higher quality of the stable link, so even if a large group of mass, there is no risk.

Q: How to crawl a lot of web resources?

A: Batch import instructions, recommend the use of VPN agents to crawl, there will be unexpected effects. Method for details:

Q: Is the registered account automatically activated?

A: Yes, if you register some mailboxes first, and then set up the mailbox, you can automatically activate. There is a level can use GG's unlimited alias mailbox, group sharing has a method tutorial. At present, the known and the News, Tianya blog can not automatically activate, and other automatic activation.

Q: Bug in batch registration always pops up the verification box how to remove?

A: If the weight is high or PR high site, we suggest you go to play code, if it is low PR then you can ignore. Removal method is, before registering the B.B option, in the registration, in the pop-up dialog box, tick, tired no longer eject.

Q: How many threads do bugs have to open in registration?

A: This is not a mandatory rule, generally depends on your machine configuration and bandwidth. Dual nuclear power brain +2m bandwidth recommended 20 of the thread, if it is 4M bandwidth can use more than 40 of the thread, the maximum not more than 50. Detailed tutorials can be found in the article "details to be noted when Novice uses bug marketing assistants."

Q: I registered when the 5,000 point used up, now publish success rate is very low, is it necessary to continue to buy verification code points AH?

A: No, if you are a registered foreign website and do not have time to play code, then you can make a purchase point. If it is registered with the release of the domestic website is not recommended to buy again.

Q: Open bugs always Prompt "Unable to connect to the server" or a program error, how to solve?

A: It is not possible to connect to the server, refresh DNS or restart the modem. Program error, first look at the computer has not installed 360, if you want to delete, delete after the deletion can not be resolved, the software reinstall, and then the original directory file copy overlay to the newly installed directory.

Q: How to import the donated resources?

A: All of us in the A5 to buy worms software resources, the purpose is to let everyone quick start, more convenient use of software. Import method: Create a new group first, then click on the data management function, and then point to import the restore data. Resource Download Address:

Q: What is the cause of the H0050 error in opening bugs?

A: The reason is that the encryption dog driver boot did not start, reinstall the next encryption dog driver is feasible, if not resolved, reinstall the software on the line. It is recommended that you do not turn on the encryption dog program to optimize off, prone to unknown errors.

Q: Open program appears Java SOCKET .... Wrong?

A: This situation, one is your network situation is not good, it is recommended to restart the modem, switch IP. Or add your backup DNS this GG free DNS. There is also a problem with the licensing server bugs, if you confirm that the network is not a problem, you can close the software, and then open generally can be solved.

If the worms have other problems that they do not understand, they can go to the forum to ask questions and we will answer them all.

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