Philips Intelligent light bulb landed in China smart home market

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[Guide] At present, Hue is only sold exclusively at Apple retail stores nationwide, including physical stores and online stores. Philips Intelligent light bulb landed in China smart home market Tencent Technology (Fan Yong) March 8 News, Philips Personal wireless intelligent lighting system hue officially landed in China. The life expectancy of each hue bulb is about 25,000 hours, the light equivalent to the traditional 50W light bulb, can be efficient and energy saving. At the moment, Hue is only sold exclusively at Apple stores nationwide, including physical stores and online stores. Hue by the industry as "the most intelligent light bulb", it changes not only the room environment, but also can change color, provide personalized intelligent services, monitor the security of the home. Once the hue account is created, users can control the lighting in their homes anywhere through a Web browser or application. Creating an account is simple and can be used only with a username and password. The first time you log on to the Hue dashboard, connect your home Wi-Fi network so that the Hue bridge is linked to your account. The Hue Bridge is a bridge between the light bulb and smartphone applications and is where all the smart features are located, with a maximum of 50 light bulbs attached to each bridge. Hue bulbs can be changed with mood changes, interior decoration and different home activities to create different white brightness, from cold to warm colors and even the ever-changing color lights it can easily control the home when you go out of the lighting. Hue allows any photo on a smartphone to become a palette of light painted. Just open the photo of the sunrise, and open the Hueapps, drag the slider on the picture, select a color in the screen, the light bulb will immediately display the selected hue, if the scene is satisfied, just save it can be used again.
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