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Our correspondent Lin recently, in the "2011 Wireless charging Technology International standard experience", Fei, Haier, Hubei Pine Yi Teng, convenientpower and other Chinese enterprises to show their integrated application of QI standard electronic products. It is reported that since August 2010 QI wireless charging standards in China began to promote, has attracted a large number of Chinese companies to join the support and product application research and development has been further accelerated.  Market research institutions predict that by 2013, wireless charging market space will reach 18 billion of billions of dollars, "wireless" charging technology is becoming a trend. Philips's first wireless rechargeable mobile phone wireless charging alliance is the world's leading wireless charging technology to promote the standardization of the Organization, currently has 74 members of the alliance. Wireless charging technology has a huge market prospects, attracting the support of many enterprises and joined, up to now, the number of League members has increased to 74, including Philips, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Best Buy and other well-known enterprises are already members of the alliance.  Many international well-known handset manufacturer's support, will make the wireless charge this technology to be widely promoted, in the future each support QI standard mobile phone will have the QI symbol, and the wireless charger also may with the handset bundle sale together. It is understood that in May this year, the first Philips wireless rechargeable mobile phone will be formally introduced to the domestic market by FEI Company, this will be the world's initial standard wireless rechargeable mobile phone. The introduction of a large number of products means the application of wireless charging technology is fully promoted. Although wireless rechargeable mobile phones need specialized production, in the short term can not be large-scale promotion, but all kinds of accessories have begun to appear.  It is reported that the world's largest manufacturers of batteries and portable lighting equipment companies currently have two products through the QI certification, one is the Qi wireless charger, it will also be introduced for IPHONE3 GS mobile phone wireless charging shell and suitable for the BlackBerry Curve 8900 mobile phone reception device. In addition, one of the wireless Charge Alliance members, Canadian famous furniture company Leggett &platt is preparing to launch a special wireless charging product-the table with the function of charging table. The table is equipped with a radio source transmitter, which can meet the demand of wireless charging of mobile phones by interacting with the mobile phone.  In this way, consumers will be able to eat at the café side, while using the "table" charging, enjoy a convenient and stylish life. The revelation of Qi wireless charge so-called QI, with our domestic pinyin is the "qi" qigong, in the Chinese culture, "Qi" represents the life energy. In the 3G era, "Qi" has another meaning, that is, wireless charging technology standards. Qi is the world's first wireless charging technology to promote the standardization of the Wireless Charging alliance launched the "wireless charging" standard, with the convenience and versatility of the two major features. First of all, different brands of products, as long as there is a QI logo, can be used to charge the Qi wireless charger. Second, it captures the wireless charging "versatility" of the technical bottlenecks, in the near future, mobile phones, phaseMachines, computers and other products can be charged with Qi wireless charger for wireless charging for large-scale applications to create conditions.  Current wireless phone charging mainly using electromagnetic technology, in the transmitter to the current into electromagnetic, so that the phone through the built-in chip receiver will be electromagnetic into the current for mobile phone charging. Wireless charging technology to promote the key is to ensure that all manufacturers wireless charger compatible, the formulation of the QI standard wireless charging has a unified technical specifications to ensure that the same charger for multi-brand and multiple product compatibility. Wireless charge the president of the federation said that the Qi wireless charging standard uses electromagnetic induction technology, compared to other technologies, efficiency and security are higher.  According to the Alliance technicians, they created a strong electromagnetic field through the wire, and the user simply placed the terminal device of the load receiver on the "tablet" to recharge it, a charging method that used to appear on watches and razors, but was unable to charge large lithium-ion batteries efficiently. In addition, the wireless charging technology is very safe. Because the induction outside the coil is very weak, during the charge, no matter how the user body contact, will not "electric shock." According to MIT researchers, the body's response to the electric field is strong, but the body's response to the magnetic field is almost no, so the system does not affect human health. However, this is only a conjecture, and some researchers have expressed concern that further experimentation is needed before it can really be applied to life. And as an electronic charging products, the charger itself can not avoid radiation, so the wireless charger has radiation is inevitable.  But at present, the power of wireless charger is very small, the charge time is longer, the radiation produced is also small, should not cause great harm to people. Popularization is still a time for wireless charging technology, many netizens say it sounds very convenient, if the market has such products, they will consider buying. In particular, when the table can be used to charge mobile phone products, if in restaurants or cafes and other public places to use, will be a great convenience to consumers.  However, there are also many people are concerned about whether the wireless charge will have a negative impact on the human body. It is reported that, because the wireless charging standard of Qi involved in the interface, performance and regulation of three aspects, this will be the popularity of wireless charging technology is a considerable challenge. The QI standard mobile phone will be able to charge wirelessly through any charge base station, base, or other rechargeable device, which is certified by QI.  QI's first upfront requirement for a device is no higher than 5 watts, which is a hindrance to some manufacturers who want laptops to also pass wireless charging technology. In addition, wireless charging system also involves human security issues, currently let people worry about the main two levels: first, how to ensure that electromagnetic radiation only to the receiver part of the mobile phone, will not affect human health, or interfere with other equipment, the second is to allow electromagnetic radiation in the wrong use of the battery and the charger does not damage For example, to identify the foreign body on the wireless charger to prevent the lithium battery overheating caused by deformation or explosion hazards.Experts say these are done through a lot of hardware and software work.  There still needs to be a phased transition in the market development, and many problems remain to be resolved. However, according to the relevant technical personnel, wireless charging technology was first used in water purifiers, has been more than 10 years time, security has been verified in 36 countries, Amway water purifier 10 years ago began to use Fulton's wireless charging technology. While the wireless charging technology is basically through the magnetic field to transport energy, and human and human beings around the most of the objects are non-magnetic, so security is guaranteed, but how to let the public consumers can eliminate concerns, then need to do more promotional work.
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