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Magazine cover elegant Charm Zhang Ziyi's understanding of the recent years increasingly confident Zhang Ziyi photos: Zhang Ziyi, "fashion" photo charming, Zhang Ziyi, is not so much a collection of rings in a name, rather she is a brand, or a representative of China's business card. But to Zhang Ziyi herself, more, is facing the infinite possible challenge. In the 12 years of St Road, there is noise, there are also riots, but more is remembered, Zhang Ziyi's success, and her obsession with the film and passion. Zhang Ziyi now is a more relaxed, self-confident, not proud but full of backbone women. Her smile, all show the full of the outspoken superstar for work and life's strong love. Zhang Ziyi often says she feels like an accident. She was referring to her own fame, but she did make a pretty unexpected mistake. This society seems to know too much about Zhang Ziyi. 11-Year-old into the northern dance to learn the national dance, six years later, from there admitted to the drama, debut is Zhang Yimou directed "My father and mother" heroine ... The piano she plays in the movie "Magic" has become a very important part of her life. When asked whether your film reflected her feelings and status at different times, she said: "Every actor in shaping a character has feelings of its own at that time and feels left in the role." It was the hardest part of my life to shoot "the Magic Story," and all the pressure was great, and I gave it all to the piano, and she turned out to be very important to me. This character, there is no difference between me and her. "Piano" is Gu's upcoming new book, "Magic rumored" one of the heroine. She was terminally ill, met the Freemasonry of Zhao (Aaron Kwok adorn), launched a period of hard love. In the announced trailer, two people have just received a marriage certificate, on the way home can not stop the excitement, over and over again read the vows of marriage "after the examination, voluntary marriage ...", the sound of the piano is a little shaky, and the wrong place, Zhang Ziyi said, those are not designed. "Their love is soul-stirring, it is the love that came to that step, this is not a performance, so it is not replicable." "The excitement and sadness, how many of them belong to the piano, and how many from Zhang Ziyi herself?" "The piano has a lot of grievances, but not with anyone." This relationship has a lot of bitterness is not to come out, said no one understand, do not say has been pressed in the heart. When Yunkai, she could not restrain, her release is quite complicated! "She paused, and I did not expect her next answer to be so direct. "In fact, my own state was the same. I have a lot of bitter, very wronged place, there is no way to tell friends and family, I do not want to love my people for me to do this part of the heart, and others say you think they will not understand, it is better to leave the so-called sad to themselves. "The Magic Story" is Zhang Ziyi's debut as "My Father and mother", the second time in similar works, bothIt is a new challenge, and it is some kind of return, which is 12 years apart. She said that 12 years ago, she can not control the "magic" so the profound role of fate, and 12 years of their own, the same no longer show "my father and mother" in the kind of not even the performance of the natural state. "Although all returned to the countryside, but the expression of the United States is very different." "My father and mother" is a pure natural girl, sunny and Simple, "magic rumored" in the United States is very resolute, is the modern woman's independence, is in the difficult growth. "Time can turn back, shallow, is a physical problem, to say a little bit more, is a philosophical problem." And in Zhang Ziyi, in the film of the wheel, her time from the "others" in the face of the flow, and then flowed past. "Every time I am very grateful for the film has left me a good time, these characters are completely engraved on the film, they are priceless, is my life's wealth." ”
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