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Homogeneity of the serious competition in the photographic industry how to network Marketing in real life! How does the photography industry emerge in the enterprise network marketing? Photography industry to do business Network marketing, the first to analyze the photographic industry's market environment:

The first is the general trend: the photographic industry has developed to a more mature stage, the photographic industry is facing specialization, standardized development. Secondly, the photographic industry market scale is rising rapidly; Leading consumer groups began to change to 80.90, product homogeneity of the competition is serious; profit space compression, price war began to spread!

In the face of such a large competitive pressure, the photographic industry to do network marketing seems to become a new enterprise breakthrough, and just as the enterprise for their own find a new breakthrough and complacent, competitors also no weakness, scrambling to step into the Enterprise network Marketing! There is a certain, then as the homogeneity of the competition is serious photography enterprises, how the enterprise network marketing in the emergence of differentiated marketing it! Here, Arvin published a few points for reference:

One: Find the right belongs to the enterprise's own network marketing profit model

At present the photographic industry network marketing profit model has the brand display, retail, group buying, franchise chain; for the choice of the profit model, the knight has no right to publish any constructive suggestions, the enterprise network Marketing profit model choice, only the enterprise itself is really clear, the network profit model is the enterprise network to make Money method, as long as you have ideas, You can fully combine the actual situation of the enterprise, bold to try. The key is that you have to fully grasp the human resources, resources, funds, contacts, etc.

Second: Find the network core products

Actual Combat Network Marketing-Arvin after research found that many photographic industry has begun to push their own core products, the current Common Core product positioning are as follows: Children/baby photography, wedding photos, artsy, photo photos, couples photos, family photos, pregnant women and so on!

As for the selection of core products, the knight in Hunan offers the following suggestions:

First: The core products are the most profitable products;

The core products are the most profitable products, this is the first choice for many enterprises to do network marketing, because it is the most profitable, all enterprises have sufficient reason to choose it to do the core products, the main push products.

Second: The core products are the most competitive products;

Why do the core products choose the most competitive products? The Knight of Xiang has several reasons:

First of all, a product of fierce competition to prove that it attracts eyeballs, the target consumer groups pay attention to it, competitors are also concerned about it;

Secondly, the more competitive, price-transparent product profit space is narrower, since the profit space is narrow, why we do not boldly give up this narrow profit space, the profit space used to do business network marketing means it! There are several advantages to doing this:

First: You have weighed down on your competitors;

Second: you win the customer;

Third: Your visibility can be a good promotion;

As a new 80.90-post consumer group, the most likely to continue consumption: personal artsy--couples photo--wedding photo--Pregnant woman photo--baby artsy--children photo--family photo--Photo of me here the continuity has only been counted a generation, if this cycle, I can not believe!

Actually explain so much that might be a little bit of a monk simply put, you put the competitive, price-transparent product profit space let out, just in order to bring customers please come in, as long as the customer please come in, sales will be much easier, you can allow the competition in the door outside the fight, you should do, is how to put these customers to fully explore the potential consumption, fully improve one-stop service! If someone knows "what is called a go-between" then he will be very understanding of the photography industry's network marketing strategy is very profound!

Third: To create a marketing-oriented web site system, your core competitiveness, the core products shine out;

Why to build a marketing-oriented web site system, marketing-oriented website can effectively improve the consultation rate, conversion rate, turnover rate; To build their own enterprise marketing-oriented web site system, so that your core product highlights, core competitiveness embodies the credibility of a solid website, your business will be able to lead the network of competitors a step or even a few steps!

Four: Efficient and accurate network promotion operation system

No matter what enterprise network Marketing, must carry out network marketing, the website can only be said that you have a counter on the network, the network infinity, a counter did not do publicity, it is a desert Wal-Mart.

Photography industry How to do the actual combat Network marketing promotion?

First, accurate target population positioning; More enterprise Site core product positioning, to find the potential enterprise network marketing target crowd;

Secondly, the location of the target crowd gathering place; Enterprise target crowd generally have what kind of network commonness, they generally like in what kind of network place appears, gather!

Second, the enterprise promotion channel of the fixed; According to the target crowd of the enterprise place, find the promotion of network marketing channels!

There are marketing-oriented promotional copy or content production; To promote the content of the copy must be produced with marketing power, have sales force, do not try to copy other people's promotional copy, as their own network promotion, the enterprise is immoral, but also to the user is extremely unfriendly, to achieve users if you see two companies are the same promotional copy, he will generally believe that the company is true!

About the photographic industry how to do the actual combat network marketing, Arvin talked about so much, Arvin is a layman, have the wrong place, implore understanding!

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