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Light look at the icon on the big eye beads plus Black-and-white screenshot of the rabbit paper can not move the road! Maybe it's Limbo's poison! This is a free last year three days after the resumption of the charge of the game ~ game based on the physical principle of the puzzle can rotate, the operation is very simple, simply through your fingers can be infinite in any direction of the rotation of our hero's cell. Then you have to skillfully use the '/freeze! ' that stops gravity. Key。 Sounds simple? It's really easy at first. Escape: freeze! "The game screenshot is, the game can only play 25 off, the second world is to buy IAP, but now the game so much, the play 25 is also a good choice." Escape: freeze! "Game screenshot Physics puzzle game" escape: freeze! "Original Price: 6 yuan iphone version Click to download the ipad version click Download Update: June 28, 2013 size: 30.5 MB
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