Pig Insurance Arbitrage: A loss of 200 dead end of 1000

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Every reporter He Yifa since Beijing, although the price of live pigs has rebounded in recent two weeks, but farmers are still in deficit, and the mood continues to be low not only farmers. Yesterday, a rural insurance salesman told the Daily Economic news reporter, "from last year, to the pig insurance, we almost do not make money, or even loss."  "In the case of loss of pigs, farmers do not actively treat sick sows, but after the death of the pig insurance for the extreme situation occurs." The salesman said he had found a strange phenomenon since 2009. "Because after the illness, a sow can be compensated for 1000 yuan." "This strange phenomenon, due to the last two years, the price of pork depressed."  Since the beginning of this year's Spring festival, pig farming has entered a period of four months of loss, the most serious time, farmers Zivang slaughter a pig will face about 200 yuan loss. It is understood that the general elimination of the price of sows is about: Live pigs 3 yuan/kg, dead pig 2 yuan/kg.  Beijing Oriental Agricultural Consulting Co., Ltd. East Guo Huayong calculate the account, if you can multiply sow 400 pounds, each can sell the price and the amount of money. "Early investment is large, farmers will not easily eliminate the sow." But the pig price is depressed, raises the pig to lose money the situation, the production performance poor sow must be eliminated by the farmer, but such pig also cannot sell the good price.  An expert from Hunan Provincial animal husbandry Bureau said that farmers do use the "Pig Insurance" arbitrage. Since 2007, the implementation of the breeding sow insurance is a policy of the state insurance. Usually the insured amount of sow insurance is 1000 yuan per head, and the premium is 60 yuan. Among them, the central and local government at all levels of the burden of 48 yuan, the insured bear 12 yuan.
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