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Pig, the fat, the lazy guy?

You are too stereotyping. Think of the original, the old pig after successful, decided not to follow Tang's monk around, the do-it-yourself, when the intermediary, and set up a website. Network age, who does not have a lot of websites? Intermediary this noun is too rustic, so the old pig named it "Wei Guest", Mighty?

January 16, 2008, Pig solemnly announced to the world that it will be free of charge for 100 sites to make a New Year's promotional logo. January 30, registration deadline. "Because of the tight time, there are half a month to the Spring Festival, so we aim at this event for all tasks, the task is 3 days, the election manuscript period is also 3 days, this is also in order to let everyone as soon as possible to hang the New Year logo" pig such a commitment.

Of course, there is no free lunch. In the back of the free, pig attached a condition: is to do logo website must be for old pig propaganda. Hundreds of national web sites together for the old pig propaganda, the popularity of the old pig must also be a rally, perhaps many mm has become a fan of old pigs.

Honest Sand Monk is also a site webmaster, see the good news from the sky, feeling that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, immediately in their own website on the propaganda old pig article. Even google, Baidu has searched this article, Pig Anxi.

Time day after day passed, old sand never see his logo. So, the old sand to the old pig made a phone call, ask how much progress. The old pig said, I'll look it up and call you back later. However, the old sand never waited for the phone. February 7 is the Spring Festival, but until February 5, sand on the old pig's website only to see 36 sites on the list. What about the other 64 sites? The old sand is very depressed. Is it just because on the internet, it can be so fooled? Is it really on the web because no one knows you're a pig? Old Sand decided from the website to the pig appeal of that article down, and sent a title "Pig" article.

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