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Yesterday, the securities Times reporter interviewed a number of ping ' an bank's small shareholders, they said that it is not clear to the deep development and Ping An Bank of the merger plan, and hope that Ping an bank to fully communicate with them. Shenzhen Education Development Foundation holds 33.7 million shares of Ping an bank. The foundation said that at present they have not received a specific merger plan, so it is also inconvenient to comment, "Ping An bank has not been with us on the price of things to communicate, all the letter after the ping ' an bank. "Shenzhen Water Wai Industrial Co., Ltd. office people said that the company in Shenzhen Commercial Bank (that is, the predecessor of Ping An Bank), the predecessor of Shenzhen City Credit cooperatives when the establishment of the investment stake, at the price of 1 yuan per share for more than 7 million shares, the shareholding has been more than 10 years. "Many of the original stocks have turned dozens of times times or more, and deep development is a good example," he says. We hold a stake in Ping an bank for so long, have not how to pay dividends, now how the price should be turned over 20 times times, otherwise we have this investment is not cost-effective. The Shenzhen branch of the Agricultural Bank's trade union committee also holds 8.74 million shares of Ping an bank. An insider told reporters, and some enterprises in the same year to invest in different investment purposes, Agricultural Bank of Shenzhen branch in the same year, a stake in Ping an bank, more with the support of Shenzhen local institutions to develop the meaning.  So for this part of the legacy of the stake, AgBank Shenzhen branch in considering the price of the starting point may be as long as possible to preserve assets, rather than earn more investment income. Shenzhen thousand Taian Investment Development Co., Ltd. owns 14.14 million shares of Ping an bank. "We also learned from the media that the relevant program, before the Ping An bank did not propose specific solutions to us," the company said in an interview. She said that at the second general meeting of the bank held in August last year, some shareholders raised the question of how Ping an bank and deep development would be merged, but the moderator refused to discuss the issue on the agenda. She said it was "unacceptable" for a merger plan that was rumoured to have been exchanged for 0.2 shares of the ping an bank.
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