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It is one of the most controversial products of China Mobile Internet circle, there are countless onlookers, do you still watch it? Article | And anecdotes many of the 2011 mobile social applications have disappeared, the August on the line "Mo" is still alive, but a bit silent. It was once exciting, with the name of "gun artifact" quickly jumped red, in November 2012 to obtain the B-round valuation reached 100 million U.S. dollars, the number of users in March 2013 exceeded 30 million. Mo is a very tangled product, even one of the most controversial products in China Mobile Internet circle. It is "about Cannon" debut, but since then two revisions are trying to take off this label, do acquaintances socialize, become sunshine teenager. Mo is groping, do you watch it? Several products observers: 蒋宸, mobile social platform wishing Tree founder Hu Jian tao, mobile social platform friends and founder Wang Yuquan, Bank of Silver Capital Partners, investment in social media applications to continue to walk with strangers it will be easier--蒋旻宸 mobile social platform "wishing Tree" Founder Yantan is not a satisfied with the small application of the people, he at least want to do a renren like a public company, or want to make a micro-letter products, of course, this is difficult. He also introduced venture capital, under the pressure of the capitalist side, also eager to find a profit model, you can not always burn money? Mo Mo started very direct, later became more and more spring, more and more tactful. Its original function is designed for the gun, the user is indeed for the gun, the label is affixed, it is not recognized. In the 2011, when strangers had a social fire, micro-letters had a "shake" because micro-letters were an acquaintance application, and when adding others needed to pass certification. What is a stranger? I can talk to you when I see you. In the MO in the beginning is not the concept of a friend, you can chat with all the people, this makes people feel very direct, a little obstacle is not. The second edition of the Stranger added the "group" feature. Meet a line there are groups, in fact, did not do it. The third edition has added the message board and the personal dynamic, the merchant poi. Personal dynamics is like a circle of friends, using timelines to mark the user's own dynamics. If I were your best friend, what I eat today in Xizhimen, go to Guijie Street eat what, can sign in for a while, friend can see I sign in. Mo mo do this actually is to label, from the gun artifact slowly to the acquaintance of social transfer, precipitate friend relations. I think this transformation of the MO is not an easy thing. Socializing with acquaintances is confronted with a head-on competition with micro-letters, which is too high and hard to go down. Shops have a public comment, but also a strong competitor. Also has the message board function, a user in the micro-blog hair, in the micro-letter hair, he still wants to run to the MO to send? Not many people would like to do this, how tired ah. These features are replaceable. In my opinion, it will be easier for the stranger to continue to walk with strangers. This will of course also face the pressure of micro-letter, the largest about the gun platform is actually micro-letter, the success rate is definitely more than the MO or other products are much higher. The micro-letter fire also depends on "nearbyPerson "," Shake "and" drift bottle ", these three functions basically is to give about cannon use. Micro-letter can beat the rice chat, that is, because of this function. What was rice talking about? The rice chat is doing some kind of graffiti function. But the main focus of micro-trust is not here, if the MO can make some difference in the things, the opportunity will be more. For example, group function, the group is based on geographical interest groups, and a lot of people are driven by the stranger to organize, which is very different from the micro-letter. To be a social stranger, the first problem is to solve the user retention rate. I think the "Mo" is not a Stranger "Mo", is a Lonely "lonesome", lonely time can be used once, but not every day, if a boy has a girlfriend, there is no energy to control other girls. The problem of retention rate is that all applications exist, in addition to such as micro-letter, micro-bo This particular commonly used, if not daily necessities, such as games and so on will have a retention rate problem. But there are always those who will stay, and in this case what needs to be done is to use some design to translate these retention rates into income. What a stranger lacks is something that must be done on one's own platform. Like shopping on Taobao, you do not need to contact business with Wang Wang, you can use QQ, you can use mobile phone, but in the end there will be some behavior on Taobao. So in our own product "wishing Tree", in the hope of this link we may design a closed loop, the user has a lot of things must be done on the wishing tree. The application of the stranger is to solve two problems, the 1th is credit, and the second is how to get offline from the line. In the street, a girl sent some pictures, said the hobby is singing, drinking, dancing, you tell her to sing at night, she certainly will not go, she likes this but do not want to do. This is also the time to start making a wishing tree, we design some of the reasons for the desire to eat, watch movies, watch exhibitions, these wishes will be closer to the line of some activities. There are a lot of strangers such as the Stranger social play is a ball, wandering in the gray area, and then in depth is to do the sex industry, those things will certainly be censored. Especially like the Mo Mo has so many users, there are many people concerned about, more difficult. Follow the user needs, step not too big--Hu Jian Tao Mobile social platform friends and founder began to make friends with strangers, users may just want to be about a heterosexual. A person of its own ability, do not use this platform, with other tools, such as micro-letter, watercress, know, can bubble to the girl. These users of course you can make him more efficient, but for him, that is only a bonus points. In such communities, the needs of most people are actually difficult to satisfy, as their ability to express and attract the opposite sex may be lacking. The tools are not good enough to solve the problem. When you have a certain user, how to transform their needs? I think the good way is to use the online virtualization and entertainment tools to transfer. Men like to see beauty, and beauty, beauty also needTo get the fans ' favor, these are the things that the user needs in their lives. The idea of a stranger may hope that this relationship can fall to the ground, can have the intersection of reality, and even do O2O. I can't say it's wrong, but the path may be a little longer. In fact, the process of online accumulation of more solid, so that the community inside more lively, so that users at this stage to meet the needs of the better, naturally will produce a line of the relationship. Even if we just do the online part, we have our own understanding. We find it more difficult to make a point-and-click tool for making friends and improve one's efficiency in finding someone else. It's a good publicity, or a marketing stunt. For example, everyone said they call the cannon artifact, is a good publicity technique. As for the user to come in after he can achieve the goal, most people are indeed difficult to do so. How to guide and maintain this emotional appeal of the user, to channel his similar needs, and then to guide the requirements into their own operating rules and Community rules, which is at least what we are trying to explore at this stage. For example, friends and the formation of a number of star, there are a number of media properties of the relationship, and then to consider these grassroots stars and fans are not generated offline relationship. The development of QQ also mapped our view. QQ This product at the beginning is also taking into account a certain number of strangers social properties and game properties, at the beginning, after all, is to catch a small number of people first. Later QQ launched logo user status of the red diamond, Blue Diamond, Green Diamond, on behalf of users of different scenes and privileges, users can be on the basis of this privilege to decorate the QQ space better, so that the more rich room, the content more attractive, this is actually a young user group needs. When users reach the level of 50 million, billion, the same tool may have different user classes, different users of the same tool usage is not the same, bringing a richer use of the method. In this process, QQ slowly began to provide better file transfer function, better tool class functions, whether it is an acquaintance or a stranger, whether it is the job needs or communication needs, can be carried. To the stranger or friends of this kind of strangers to make friends application, the user is because of the feelings of men and women came in, so when you go to transform these needs, in the second, third or even phase IV products inside, at least have some combination with men and women, to meet some of their extended needs. Users are directed at such a demand, even if we are interested in making friends, in fact, more or less will be affected by the needs of men and women. If a male user downloads an application that itself is about cannon, and goes back and wants to use it to get to know a donkey to travel, maybe his goal is also to find a girl to travel. So there must be some movement along the user's demand, and can transform the user's demand. This step can not be too big, can not make the user's needs for hard conversion. For example, from a gun tool to O2O, it must be a step that cannot be completely taken, hard to do, user. The demand for the gun is there, so what is the user hiding behind this demand? Nothing but emptiness, loneliness, boredom, nobody pays attention. How does this demand satisfy him? This is what we are doing now. Frankly speaking, we did not turn his demand from the gun directly to travel, reading, watching movies, we do not have such a large span, but to meet the needs of the second tier of users, and then go down another layer, this is the Maslow curve. The stranger makes friends is the false proposition--Wang Yuquan the Silver capital partner The stranger makes friends is a very small demand. Most strangers cannot build trust, so there will be no "friends" to say. Just like in the past chat rooms on the internet, the Stranger friend application is often an indulgent one-night stand, and people who want to make friends seriously will not use this method. Of course, this kind of application is quite many, even have specially to have a one-night stand. Applications like this can survive, but they don't do much. Another problem with this persistence is that the user is looking for a stimulus that lasts for three months. Because to go to a stranger in the street with girls poor mouth bubble a girl, he in reality must not catch girls. In the same way he must also find in the Mo, because the girl in the MO is not stupid. So the user of Mo mo often change, also have no chance to make money from these people. The stranger is the PC era chat room role, internet chat room is also very active. The key problem is that it's hard to create a business model in a chat room because everyone is there to vent talk. There is also a problem, in this kind of application everyone will not be real name. Even in the IT circle, many people in the business demo when used to the MO, will first declare: This is a demo. What does that mean? He is afraid of others say you how to Mo mo. In the case of a stranger, the act itself is a furtive sight. To form a certain business model, must be more long-term acquaintance relationship, at least the real name relationship. Do you know who he is, who builds trust with each other, and how do you build trust with each other if they don't give their real names? The relationship on the MO is not too big to become a more real long-term relationship. Because people who use this kind of application are either boys trying to pick up girls, or girls trying to show off, to satisfy their vanity, the purpose is not pure, who would like to convert it into something pure? It's the equivalent of not going to escort place. Mo wants to transform, facing six big problems is the PC time chat room role, it's hard to generate business models and make money for strangers socializing to go back, you have to solve the problem of low user retention rate to be an acquaintance social, but also face the positive competition with micro-letter lack of some must be completed on their own platform elements of the user relationship to the landing or even O2O, It's going to be a long process. Wandering in the gray area, it is difficult to wash the White Mo Trial Report @ Shangxiang: To leave Lijiang, last night, real identity to experience the micro-letter, Mo Mo, met three pick-up tools (the latter two new registration) experience the so-called "fling capital." 1, the MO is positioned as one night stand tool, as long as the registered girls are tacitly,But most of them signed "Fuck off". Mo can understand a person through Sina Weibo, position is accurate. 2, met too inactive, but there are a lot of model stewardess; 3 micro-letter or an acquaintance tool @ Reception: So many copy talkbox, in addition to micro-letter background No one can be compared to become a stranger on the Mo Mo, this is worth my earnest study. All are copied, I result the disparity so big? @ Lin Army: Listen to a friend to tell a story about Mo, two sister, a seemingly jiang, another color race Wu Mo worry, go shopping, tired to Shenzhen coast city a café sit down to drink something, first take a picture, one hours later, two younger sisters than who dozen hello number, less that voluntary pay, a little asked how much, 110+. I call this dazzle beauty, Mo Mo, sings, beautiful said this kind of product all has this tune. @ Baofan: It's easy to pass the time at the airport. @ Pondering Mr.: I installed the mo one months, one to find me chat have no, cheat paper! @ Shan Tiger _ said not master: #2012chinajoy # such as Home hotel door, stuffed a few card size color card, as for the content, you know. Sigh, from the marketing approach to analysis, that year, the marketing of such services is the telephone direct sales, must be sitting shop operation, the audience face small. Today, the adoption of a wide net demand user phone orders, has been similar to the Electronic business-style marketing. The Times are progressing, and the stranger is ahead.
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