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The present situation and prospect of campus Web site in Anqing Normal University

Analysis and analysis of college students ' website

At present, the university campus network is mainly the forum community as the main function of the personal webmaster website and the ideological and political network of the School Committee subordinate web site; Comprehensive national web site than the network (the predecessor of Renren), Sohu Alumni, Chinese college students online is preferred; The Civil service network and other detailed website form a more mature University student website system.

Prior to this, the development of the campus website of Anqing Teachers ' College has always been "you sang my debut" situation, to the end did not grow up a close to students of the campus website. There are existing personal organizations set up the Anqing University Forum, Longshan Forum and school Civic Network humbled Court and recently opened the website of college students ' associations.

The center had intended to take advantage of the University of Anqing, hoping to form three major alliances, student unions, associations and business alliances to provide all aspects of student-related services. This is also the long-cherished wish of the university individual stationmaster, however very few campus website does. The ideological and political network of the Communist Youth League, subject to the pressure from the official and its own bondage, it is difficult to do away from the current students very close, difficult to break the cocoon to develop, the campus personal website, although there is a great degree of freedom, but because of their limited strength, it is difficult to grow up; The University community website is a branch of the Association society, not the backbone, is a campus network decorating.

So will the future of the campus Web site really fade? How will the school network of Anqing Normal University go? Campus Personal web site to forum-oriented, SNS supplemented by the model has made a certain development; the many functional experience and guidance of the ideological and political network have also achieved good results. They do not create Renren, alumni hot traffic, however, in a region, they are dominant. Just past the Chinese webmaster Annual meeting, we saw the Chinese local Web site in the economic crisis of the strong vitality, blood flow of perseverance, in the rapid development and leap.

Analysis of the existing campus website

Site name Anqing University Forum to apply to create a website

Web site

Web site Description of the forum based on the university's personal website School youth League Ideological and political network community website

Advantage analysis preconceived propaganda in place

The Forum makes the content of the website originates from the Netizen has the backstage manager good

Many editors, the ability to provide content to rely on the advantages of the association, the effective use of resources, community popularity

Disadvantage analysis is not high visibility

No propaganda effect in the second half of the year, so that students forget content is not original

Not enough publicity.

The interface is not beautiful enough, the program development function is not enough network technology restriction of the community

Third, the new site itself conditions analysis

The website planning is based on the University of Anqing Teachers College of Computer and information science and Technology Innovation Center of a group for the positioning of the self analysis, the advantages of technology can be reflected, as well as the second phase of the site technology upgrade is relatively easy. Ann Teachers ' network fee is a network card, if the center has the school to its own server, plus a good domain name, very competitive.

Center is relatively a technical organization, in how to develop, how to promote a certain disadvantage. At the same time, this website group, will increase the burden of the center. Lack of passion.

Website construction orientation and target

I. Website CONSTRUCTION positioning

Website Construction Preliminary positioning is: anqing Normal University student Life network platform; Long-term positioning: anqing Normal University student portal

Universities, whether online or offline, within and outside the campus, are not integrated into life. Site to "life" positioning to live close to students, coupled with the embodiment of the value of the site, so that the site become an indispensable part of student life. From life to the portal, is the expansion of the point to face, is the content of the rich, is the value of the upgrade, but also assume the responsibility of a guide.

Preliminary positioning is to serve the long-term positioning of the successful implementation of the initial positioning of the enterprise in the Internet occupies an irreplaceable role for the long-term positioning of the foundation, the final site will be long-term positioning as the direction of development.

II. Website Construction Goal

Initial goal of website construction: The use of 2010 years in the semester, the site has become the most well-known, the most professional, the most comprehensive and the most promising Web site, the initial site promotion plan to ensure the continued rapid growth of web site access, and to achieve the following standards: The second month after the initial completion of the site, To achieve the daily traffic 100, the fifth month after the initial promotion of the website to achieve a daily visit to 500, registered members of more than 1000.

Website Construction medium-term goal: the use of 2010 years to renew the time, the site will be built into anqing Normal university students love and often log on to the site, complete the platform to build, in-depth website to promote, to ensure that the number of visits to continue to grow in the 12th month to achieve more than 1000 daily visits;

Website Construction long-term goal: Use 12-24 months time, the website is operated as the student portal of Anqing Normal University, the website builds own attraction; continue to implement the website depth promotion plan, no longer take the visit quantity as the measure website development scale, realizes the registered member more than 15,000.

Website Promotion Program

First, the website preliminary promotion plan

After the completion of the website, there is a general promotion period, in this period, the need to collect all parties to face the site's initial views and opinions, and continue to increase the strength of the site to enrich, frequent updates, cultivate a preliminary visit group, and strive to achieve a real visit in the day more than 100.

For a new campus Web site, to quickly grow up in the region, the most rapid and effective measures, both strong entry.

During this period there are mainly the following means:

Network Promotion:

1, SEO optimization, search engine raise: Do a good job of each page keyword index, for each page keywords are different;

2, a wide range of friendship Links: and the major campus network for Friendship Connection Exchange to improve the PR value and spider access.

3, to all kinds of message board message, QQ group publicity, etc.

4, packaging production of various types of electronic books, to provide free download, for the website to do publicity;

5, the use of BBS network to gather popularity, a large number of production Ann teachers localized original paste, a wide range of excellent posts, to make the world's irrigation customers;

6, to understand the power of moderators, the formation of a strong team of bamboo propaganda, development, guidance forum

Campus Publicity:

Strong campus advertising will make a new Web site quickly gather popularity. is also a strong entry of the killer.

Second, the website depth promotion plan

The depth of the promotion period is an important period of the entire site on the track, whether in a limited time, the cost of limited, rapid occupation of the status of the industry, to the quasi commercialization, mainly on the depth of the effectiveness of the promotion period.

During the deep promotion, way, each person's main task is how to promote, innovative and effective new promotion methods, and the site update and enrichment is the most important, to ensure that the daily update to ensure that the industry's latest and fastest information and materials.

The soul of the deep promotion is: Assemble all the forces that can be assembled, use the mutually beneficial situation to cooperate with the collective or individual in the school and outside, promote the website. (The joint program of Anqing University and school radio station The Bad God Sunday is good, only because of the promotion of reason, a little mistake.) )

The depth extension period is expected to take about 5 months, and strive to achieve more than 500 daily visits, and maintain an upward trend. During this period there are mainly the following means:

1, continue to carry out the initial promotion period of all work, and appropriate to increase the intensity of in-depth promotion is an important content;

2, set up mailing list, make this website electronic magazine, collect our school student mail address, guarantee to send the advertisement mail regularly;

3, the use of the center advantage, the production of this website characteristics of the publicity flash, video, etc.

4, if have their own DV machine, collect the video of the party, on the website can watch;

5, printed publicity materials: including business cards, T-shirt, promotional posters, stickers, stationery and so on;

6, cooperation or the holding of various activities: including design competitions, parties, programs and so on;

7, the college students 20,000, but the graduation is far more than this number, seize these graduates, is an opportunity. For example, the coal Teachers ' College Campus network held the coal teachers ' activities in the country, especially the people of the Coal teachers ' Party in Hangzhou, a big bright spot;

8, seize all kinds of events, website publicity.

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