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Plants vs. Zombies 2 Egypt's 4th and a star of the 2 species of zombies, Egypt, the 4th is a bit difficult, small series tried several times. It's a great skill to use plants flexibly. Next, small make up to bring the plant to the Friends of Zombies 2 Egypt 4th all Samsung Graphics and text Raiders, if you have a better technique method, you can participate in the message under the article ~ "A star to achieve the goal": Don ' t/plant on Dave '/s mold colonies Not in Dave's mold colonial plants don ' t lose any lawn mowers don't lose any lawn mower plants vs. Zombies 2 Egypt The 4th one star strategy to complete a star mission is relatively simple. Don't plant on Dave's mold floor, the friends are going to start planting in the 3rd row. Because this guanzhong will appear the camel wall Zombie, therefore the small weave uses 200 peas hand, as well as the nut is very necessary. Other plants are chosen according to their preferences. Plants vs Zombies 2 Egypt 4th the first star Introduction game after the start, plant a solar flower collection of sunlight, and so on after the emergence of a zombie can use 100 of peas hand. Then the Sun blossoms in the next. Wait until the camel wall Zombie, put 200 of peas and cabbage hand, nuts, can be very good to resist them. The other is no more, friends also found small knitting very like to use cabbage hand, because the ordinary zombies with it the best, met stubborn and then put on the nuts on the comparison can play.
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