Plants vs Zombies 2 Egypt Second all Samsung Graphics Raiders

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Plants vs Zombies 2 Egypt 2nd one star Raiders after playing "Plants vs Zombies 2", Friends will be released 2 generations of difficulty greatly improved. After the first clearance of the "Plant vs. Zombies 2" Egyptian, want to play the next chapter of the map, you have to set up 15 stars, the only way to open a new map, here is to start playing Egypt again. Just play again when it will increase the difficulty, each one wants to get 3 lessons the stars must complete different tasks, the following small series on the introduction of Plants and zombies 2 species of Egypt's second full Samsung graphics and text strategy. Plants vs Zombies 2 Egypt's second-level guide to "a star to achieve the goal": Don ' t spend any sun for seconds does not use the sun 30 seconds don '/lose any lawn mowers don't lose any lawn mower plants vs Zombies 2 Egypt 2nd one star attack Slightly in this key there are many roadblocks zombies as well as Egyptian bucket zombies, so the potato bomb is the best choice for others at random. The first target can grow plants within 30 seconds, which is very simple. Start by waiting for 30 seconds before planting. Because 30 seconds of time the zombie will only walk to the second lattice, so when you can plant plants in this row to plant 100 sun cabbage or pea shooter will be OK. Plants vs. Zombies 2 Egypt 2nd a star Raiders after the friends can according to their own preferences to plant, such as small series love with cabbage hand ... In addition, there will be several green-light zombies in the Zombies, the green-light zombie after the shooting, will reward a leaf skills. Use it when you encounter a zombie or fight zombie.
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