"Plants vs Zombies" developers have been rejected by Microsoft acquisition

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This week, "Plants vs Zombies" finally landed on the XBOX360 platform, this is not a new tour of the Tower defense game has been very good sales performance, the listing also opened a PopCap and Microsoft's history, as early as 02,  PopCap rejected Microsoft's 5 million dollar takeover, but they still had enough investment to make more outstanding independent games. PopCap has now become a very good game-making company, it brings investors more and more returns, "Plant vs Zombies" and "Magic Ball" success does not bring PopCap too much pressure, they are still very clear about their position, about the acquisition, PopCap creative director Jason Kapalka replied: "I am not sure that the acquisition will never happen, maybe one day we will find the right partner, but we are still profitable, not in a hurry to change." "Plants vs Zombies
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