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cloud computing strategy includes three aspects, November 29, 2010, when launches the global http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/13798.html "> Cloud Computing Strategy and End-to-end solution" in Beijing. Build a cloud computing platform to promote resource sharing, efficiency and environmental protection, promote business and application cloud, promote the application of various industries to cloud computing migration, open cooperation, and build a winning eco-chain.

Cloud Computing solutions include Singlecloud Cloud Platform solutions and telecom application cloud solutions, including cloud computing services delivery platform and BSS system. launched the "Cloud Sail" program, with partners to provide solutions for various industries. also said it would provide a compatible industry-standard application interface and drive more standardization of interfaces.

1 Cloud Computing Secrets

We are in an era of information technology, the rapid development of digital floods. The 2010 Internet traffic was about 100 times times the amount of information that the Library of Congress had accumulated in 200 years, but it was just the beginning. Over the next decade, four changes will take place across the industry: first, the number of Internet users can reach 7.5 billion, the second is around the internet of things there are 50 billion of the connection; third, the content of the past is produced by various institutions, now 75% of the content is produced by users themselves; Four is all the video to achieve high-definition ...

Taking into account these four factors, we believe that the information industry in the next ten years will increase the amount of 270 times times. The demand of informationization calls for a new computing framework, which requires large capacity of calculation and storage, and has ultra-low cost. This is the background of the generation of cloud computing.

"Cloud computing", as the name suggests, is a model of computation. Compared to previous generations of computing, cloud computing has had some fundamental changes in computing architectures, terminal patterns, and the coverage of the network. In the mainframe era, for example, the computation of the network is limited in a building, the service side uses the parallel computation mode, the terminal is the dumb terminal; in the era of PC client, the network is limited to the LAN range, using the computing mode of server and client, the terminal is PC-oriented; and in the era of cloud computing, The computing scope expands from an enterprise's network to the Internet, the WAN, the server uses the distributed and the parallel computation pattern, the terminal shape is various.

The value of cloud computing for every industry, can be summed up in a few words: cloud computing is a combination of industrialization and informatization of a foundation; for telecom operators, it is to achieve beyond the pipeline connection for business transformation of the engine; for the enterprise, facing the demand personalization, the market changeable era, how to build a agile, Rapid market response capabilities of the enterprise, cloud computing is the core.

We can understand cloud computing from the following three dimensions.

From a business model perspective, cloud computing can be visualized as an "information power plant" to achieve a shift from buying to renting. Flexible sharing based on business scale, on-demand access and payment, is the core change in cloud computing business model.

From the technical point of view, in the transition from stand-alone computing to cloud computing, distributed is a core, that is, through distributed software, a variety of hardware together, a unified scheduling, software and hardware decoupling to achieve the goal of resource sharing.

From the perspective of application and product realization, cloud computing can be understood as platform layer and business layer two layers. The platform layer is represented as a data center. Behind the 纷纭复杂 concept, the real product is the data center solution. In the face of the informatization of various industries, through the application of software solutions, to achieve the cloud of application software. Therefore, these two layers can be summed up as cloud platform and cloud application.

2  Cloud Computing strategy

 has been working in the telecoms sector for the past more than 20 years. With the further development of information technology, business from the voice era to the data age, the integration of ICT deepened, so overall strategy is also making further adjustments, from the pure CT industry to the entire ICT industry expansion, a simple summary of cloud computing, networks and terminals, that is, focusing on the ICT industry, providing "cloud tube end" Overall programme.

In these three pieces of business,  in the pursuit of the network is "to lead."now has a certain leading position in the market, but to lead the industry, we need to continue to work hard. In terms of terminals, has been accumulating for many years, but we hope to grow and grow faster. In the area of cloud computing, where has been investing from 2008 onwards, cloud computing is central to overall ICT strategy.

What kind of strategy does  Cloud computing follow to develop?

First, we think that cloud computing is actually an application of ICT technology in various industries and fields. From the perspective of application, there will be a variety of clouds, and no one person or enterprise can all. Therefore, the first core strategy of  is to open and win, to create a win industry chain, and jointly promote the development of this industry.

Second, the computing platform into the cloud, applications to follow, otherwise it will not play the value of cloud computing. The second core strategy is to promote the cloud of business and application. has been in the telecommunications industry for so many years, in the telecommunications applications and telecommunications operating support system has a strong accumulation, so can take the lead in telecommunications applications and support systems to cloud.

Finally, cloud computing can only be made into a large platform to meet the future computing and storage requirements of massive information.  third core strategy is the big platform. In this process, cloud computing is not only the traditional server, storage packaging, but really produced a technological change. The transformation of this technology is mainly embodied in several aspects: distributed, networked, virtualization, automation, dynamic, especially to emphasize dynamic, static things can not achieve sharing.

Based on such a cloud computing strategy,offers cloud platform solutions and cloud solutions for telecommunications services, and launches the "Cloud Sail" program to build a winning industry chain that provides cloud application solutions for all industries.

3 Cloud Platform Solution

Cloud Platform solution, summed up as a word, is singlecloud. Single does not mean is the only one, but from the business and terminal point of view to explain the concept of the cloud computing.

As we all know, the current business is every application software installed in a hardware or a server, all the hardware resources can not form a share, at present, the industry server, storage utilization is basically under 20%, a large number of resources are wasted. We have to do a unified platform, the software and a specific server separation, to achieve the sharing of resources between applications, can be summed up as "software and hardware decoupling." In this way, all the software shares all the hardware resources, this is the real cloud computing, rather than the existing products for simple packaging.

From the point of view of the terminal, cloud computing has a variety of terminals, the same business how to adapt to different terminals, you must do real-time dynamic video transcoding, rather than static transcoding. So cloud computing platform is divided into two parts, the first part is to cloud computing optimization hardware equipment, including computing, storage, network, security and engineering, power supply, cooling, etc. the second part is the cloud computing platform software, we call it the cloud operating system, similar to the previous operating system, but there is a profound technological change, Its core is the virtualization, distributed file, distributed storage, parallel computing, intelligent control, because only the storage of distributed, can do business computing distributed and parallel.

Singlecloud Key Features

Distributed software. Software is the dispatch center of cloud computing, even the soul. Each server is installed operating system, file system, database system, middleware, application, but these software in different servers and there is no relationship between them, resulting in their inability to collaborate. The core of cloud computing is to bring together the software on every server, that is, distributed file system, distributed database system, and distributed Web Frame system. Through the distributed structure, we can realize the expansion from thousands of servers to millions of servers, so as to build a huge amount of computing power, and also build a large amount of storage capacity. The distributed software makes the failure of a single node not affect the reliability of the system, and the scalability and reliability of the system will be greatly improved.

Network。 In the past, the network is used for server and client response, the network is convergence up, and cloud computing makes the CPU and memory of different servers, the communication between the hard disk surge, and to achieve non-blocking Exchange, data center network into the server inside the bus. How much bandwidth does this require? Through the communication with the major Internet service providers, from the data center's actual data, this traffic is equivalent to the original server response to client traffic 40 times times. In fact, a large data center, three years later, if a server needs 10G interface, then 10,000 servers will need 100T capacity, and telecommunications operators, large Internet service providers, large government departments, the number of servers are hundreds of thousands of units. Therefore, the network is a good cloud computing core technology, is the basis of cloud computing.

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