Platform electric dealers get together flash purchase: or become the next group purchase who can flash to the last?

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As the mobile end of the strategic position of the increase, this year's flash shopping also began to migrate to the mobile end. Recently, Van Gogh launched a high-profile "flash shopping artifact," a p p, or will use this force Flash mobile end layout. And since the only goods will be two consecutive quarterly profit, its successful mode of "flash purchase" has been a number of home appliances business replication, flash shopping industry melee.

In this respect, many people in the industry worry about it as the next "buy". How long can the flash-buy model "flash"? Industry insiders said that the core competitiveness of the flash purchase is still supply chain, the presence of each house does not mean that it will be flash-shopping as the core business.

Flash shopping shifts to mobile end

Recently, every guest announced will be on July 28 on the line "flash shopping artifact", this section involves several odd brand of a PP is a mobile e-business with a new layout.

South reporters learned that apart from this "flash shopping artifact", where the customer is currently in the mobile end has 7 sections of the layout, that is, where customer clients, V + clients, all customers have clients, micro-letter public account, "micro-Fan" MMS Magazine, where the open Platform and forum.

At the beginning of this year, Yangdonghao, CFO, said to the media, "the trend of customers to move to the mobile end is very clear", the first quarter of this year only goods will be mobile end of the total flow of 8%, last year, the fourth quarter of mobile traffic accounted for only 5% of the total flow. It is reported that the current customer mobile end sales accounted for the total sales volume of more than 20%, peak up to 30%. And when about one-third of the traffic comes from the mobile terminal, but the order amount is less than 10%. Only products, mobile client installation users have more than 1.5 million, day orders more than 10,000, the current only goods will mobile client sales accounted for about 5%-9%, is expected to increase to 15%-24% in a year.

According to the latest data from China e-Commerce Research Center, as of December 2012, China Mobile E-commerce market transaction size reached 96.5 billion yuan, an increase of 135%, is expected to 2013, this figure is expected to reach 130 billion yuan.

and flash purchase and mobile E-commerce is the natural combination of. Only product will CEO Shenya in this year's earnings interpretation of the conference call, said frankly, "for the flash purchase of this model, in fact, more suitable for the mobile end of the force, customers can buy and sell goods anytime, relative to the PC side, mobile end is a better choice." ”

But the electricity business analyst Li Chengdong in the South All reporter interview, said, the flash buys the user to be able to move to the mobile end also is in the Flash buys a pp the user experience, after all is the limited time snapping up, if the user experience is not good, the user real usage rate still will be low.

Within 35 years, there are still opportunities for flash-shopping.

More than 2013 years of platform electric business test water flash mode, which is destined to become a flash-shopping industry scuffle year.

Last March 1, the store officially launched the special sale channel "Famous selling", and in this year Q 1 its sales exceed 2012 year. This April every customer launched "Li Ning Limited time special selling" is "48-hour breaking snapped up 18 hours all sold out", then a few months when, Jingdong, Cat, Tencent and even micro-Bo have to do a flash buy sell.

This year 6.18 when the introduction of the "tail goods" famous special selling, more than 300 clothing brands full 30 percent caps. From a Amoy net of the whole network data show, Dangdang clothing tail goods in June, the new brand more than a quarter of 200%. Then, there is news that when the tail goods 4个亿来 preparation for 7.19 promotion. And the only product will quickly respond to this, issued micro-blog announced 7.19 Super Special selling festival, choke when the tail goods sinks, "double sinks" war is imminent, the gunpowder is very strong.

The booming of the tail goods is to promote when the stock price is higher, May 7 this year when the launch of the tail goods exchange price of 3.99 U.S. dollars, June 18 rose to the peak, the report closed at 8.17 U.S. dollars.

And when the only product will be its advantage is that he is a platform-type electricity quotient, has a considerable user base and flow level. Although the "tail" is currently focused on the offline high-end brand of the tail goods, and early participation in the special sale of the brand to the line of shoes, clothing, which is similar to the "only products will" positioning. However, close to the source said, the tail of goods may be extended to the future of books, home and other categories. As a result, when the beginning of their own in the field of the book to do a flash-purchase article.

And recently, Sina Weibo also came to the spoiler, launched the Flash purchase platform TUAN.W, daily 9 o'clock in the evening on-line 1 goods, limited-price snapping, it is noteworthy that the most of its flash-shopping products from Taobao, support net silver, Alipay, micro-bo wallet payment, free to send fees. The first step for Ali to push Sina Weibo to realize social power is to buy flash.

It is reported that the operating side of the flash-purchase platform is Sina's subsidiary of Le Ah technology, each one-way business charge 3% of the service charge. August mid-April Flash purchase platform will also be revised, to increase to one day three orders, and will continue to access the brand business.

In this connection, Shenzhen Electric Shock E-commerce Co., Ltd. founder Shangxiang released micro-blog said: "Only the goods will be introduced in China, the success of the special selling mode, attracted all the major Chinese electric dealers and the major Internet replication, but rarely consider the electrical business model backend requirements." ”

How long can the Flash-buy mode "flash"? Many in the industry worry that it becomes the next "buy". In this regard, Li Chengdong also gave their own views, flash purchase mode will appear mainly because, online impact line, but the brand is not in place, especially apparel category, the line of a lot of inventory to deal with. "As far as inventory is concerned, it is still difficult to solve, for the flash-purchase, 35 years, there are opportunities for development." The

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