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Sometimes, because of performance or security considerations, customers are less willing to accept the public cloud or private cloud provided by the virtualized infrastructure. As a result, more and more suppliers are beginning to struggle with the problem, and one recent analyst believes that the need for bare-metal cloud is getting bigger now.

Cloud computing, host hosting service provider Internap Company launched its agile hosting products last week and was the first supplier to enter the field. In bare-metal cloud products, customers will be automatically configured for dedicated hosting environments, which means they will no longer be affected by the Hypervisor virtualization platform that affects performance.

Carl Brooks, a cloud analyst at 451 Tier 1, said that now, for a managed host environment configuration, service providers typically require hours to days or weeks to manually configure a product for customers. Internap, which acquired the Voxel company in 30 million dollars last year, used Voxel's automation technology to launch a pre-configured, automated configuration of managed host computing power. "This is a computing power to access bare-metal servers with the flexibility and agility of cloud services," says Brooks. ”

Brooks says Internap is not the first provider of such services. SoftLayer has an automated hosting and cloud product similar to the Internap company. Rackspace has also made some progress in automating host hosting environments, allowing for the mobility of workloads between host hosting environments and cloud environments. Liquid Web and New Servers (also provide similar products. Brooks says he hopes it will soon be a trend.

For users, the ability to access a bare metal server is very attractive from a performance standpoint. For a dedicated server that is not virtualized, there is no hypervisor layer, and users can experience speed increases, and in some cases speed increases can be as high as 10%, depending on the application itself. This is a very attractive choice for high-performance computing requirements, advanced Web 2.0 developers, or applications that require a large number of database resources. Basically, he says, this applies to "any performance in the first place". Although users in the past have access to dedicated bare metal server host hosting environments, the recent wave of automated configuration will help users access the server more quickly.

Internap's Agile hosting products enable users to access a variety of intel-based servers, from Single-processor to dual-processor and storage servers. 2.53GHz four core processor, 4GB Ram 179 USD per month, while 2x 240GB SSD, 96GB RAM is priced at $1648 a month. Three of these 12 products are instantly configurable, while other products can be configured within 1-12 hours, said Paul Carmody, senior vice president of product management and business development at Internap. "This allows customers to order online, Deploy immediately and leverage Internap's well-known performance for optimizing IP products. ”

From a service provider's perspective, the delivery of automated hosting, cloud computing, and host escrow services makes sense, Brooks says, and this is a natural development rule that will meet the growing needs of our customers. Immediate provisioning requires that vendors have sufficient resources to meet their needs, and that vendors must ensure that they can provide adequate infrastructure resources to service customers. For Internap, the company is leveraging network resources from data centers around the world, including New York, Dallas, Santa Clara, Amsterdam and Singapore.

"More and more people will want hosting and dedicated environments to provide similar cloud performance," says Brooks, "you can get a private cloud from Amazon or other vendors, but as customers increasingly use these three services (cloud computing, host hosting, and host hosting), They will want environments that are easy to open and easy to shut down, as well as the ability to move workloads in different environments, and Brooks says many service providers are working toward them.

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