Please build a website is too expensive, I use the "Build Station box" to build their own station!

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I am a 88 girls, after graduating from university in the factory to do two years of business, unwilling to heart so insipid down, so early this year, and friends of their own registered a small trading company, intends to operate garment accessories.

The company opened one months, an order also did not receive, heard that network marketing is very important, decided to run a website immediately. Baidu under the "website construction", find some companies to our website quotes, perhaps because we need more functions, like online orders, member management, online payment of these commonly used business functions must have, feedback back quotes also scared us a big jump, quotes are five thousand or six thousand, seven thousand or eight thousand, There is also a relatively large network company quotes more than 12,000 pieces. I and the partners are only two or three years of work, there is no much savings, the company just started, everywhere to spend money, alas.

One day accidentally and a supplier chat, he said: "Why do not you build the station, now self-help building station is very popular!" I nodded and asked: "Oh?" What is a self-service building station? So he talked to me about all the experiences they were doing. Originally, there are a lot of intelligent building Station system, the system with a variety of templates, the framework of their own according to the need to put, the company's information added, you can make their own website.

According to his introduction, their website is called "Zhuo Tian Network" Company application, site domain name, website space and build station system template, backstage, full set only spent 219 yuan, quite cheap and affordable. I press his recommendation to open the Network Self-Service website website, ah, a lot of beautiful site templates, all walks of life, all kinds of colors, everything, but also can try. Boy, no matter how much, try it first!

I dive down in Zhuo Day network trial two days "build Station box", found that this intelligent building station system is very good, with very handy, although I am not a computer professional graduate, but also can be very smooth on the operation, build station backstage are visual, and QQ space as simple, want to change where on the point where, Where you want to add content is added to the new module, module content can also be dragged, according to their own ideas placed, simple too stupid.

Since try to use, we don't say anything, open buy! Actually also does not calculate buys, because only the domain name and the virtual host is calculates the money, the construction station system is sends, hehe, also is the free construction station? I chose the United States universal Station package, with international domain names, United States mainframe, build station box almighty version (this function can be powerful, Chinese and English traditional three languages, support online purchase online order online payment, delivery management, member management, etc. you want to get the function OH), why the United States host it, because I am doing foreign trade, The United States room bandwidth is sufficient to ensure the global access speed!

It didn't, the site took a week, now has done, ready to the Network customer service mm guide, first in the major web site login to my web site, and then to clothing accessories related to the forum post, the industry information website sent a supply of information, and slowly put our website publicity, as soon as possible to take orders.

Used to know good, or that sentence: Please build a website is too expensive, I use the "Build Station box" own Build Station! Share the FREE trial address: Entrepreneurial friends If you need to do a website, you can go to trial!

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