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At present, the domestic two largest network advertising Alliance for Baidu Alliance and Google AdSense, in addition to the T2c Tai Chi Alliance, narrow-Sue Alliance, the results of the Third party Alliance network.

Among them, the Baidu Alliance has nearly 300,000 websites, these websites all rely on the alliance, will turn the flow into the cash; On the other hand, through the integration of traffic matchmaking advertisers, the alliance also contributed to Baidu's important income. According to the information provided by Baidu, the 2008 Baidu Alliance to the 300,000 sites into the amount of more than 400 million yuan, the 2002 amount is only 4 million yuan, but the company has never disclosed the proportion.

In this respect, Pandong joked that the Baidu Alliance is equivalent to a super advertising agency, I hope Baidu further increase the proportion, to everyone more cents.

The industry believes that the financial crisis on small and medium-sized sites, and the Network Advertising Alliance is a number of major sources of revenue, so this year's site on the share of expectations higher.

There is analysis that, because it can meet the advertisers more direct, practical demands, the Web Alliance has become a rapid development in recent years, the advertising form, and network advertising alliance growth rate than the overall network advertising market growth rate. According to the latest data, last year, China's Network advertising Alliance market overall size of 2.17 billion yuan, is expected this year China's Network Advertising Alliance will continue to maintain high-speed growth, the overall scale will reach 2.97 billion yuan, the year-on-year growth of nearly 40%.

I participate in the advertising alliance is a lot of, in addition to Google Adsense, Baidu Alliance, Ali mother, nine win ads, the first video league, as well as Asian friends, Bo Network, Bo Net, Feedsky (Flight Pass), the results of the network and so on. Some of them can not be called AD League, there are some incredibly deceptive (in the advertising code inserted Trojan), abominable!

After the continuous launch of the experiment, now come to the conclusion is: Ali mother most suitable for the majority of small and medium-sized webmaster and blog webmaster, Google adsense and the first video of the launch of a more suitable flow of large sites, Feedsky Network advertising effect general and half a year may wait for a topic marketing if seize the opportunity or good, Baidu Alliance and nine win ads not suitable for small station and blog station, other advertising alliance effect is more general.

The special emphasis here is that the first video price is 8 yuan/1000 show, in fact there are some problems to be clarified. If you follow a simple understanding, a traffic thousands of (blog) site can at least pass the first video of dozens of yuan a day-not really! Take this site, the IP per day more than 1000, then the number of natural display thousands of--according to 8 Yuan/1000 times to show the standard, Should you earn at least 10 yuan a day? The real data is disappointing-just 20% or less of the data!

Why is that? Looking for the possible reasons: this "1000 show" refers to the time to achieve a certain amount of advertising content to be recorded in the data, such as users open a page (1PV), but open a few seconds off, then the first video of the actual display effect is recorded as zero. Through comparison found that the first video every day to bring the benefits of Ali mother is not as good-and Google AdSense is far from the difference! In fact (1) only the revenue reached 100 yuan will pay (2) The position of the advertisement must be in the first screen of the page. So, this kind of effect is naturally quite bad.

So, is thinking through the first video alliance to earn some silver flowers and think 1000 times show on the 8 yuan of the webmaster need attention, please carefully combine the situation analysis of their own site, if the site traffic is small, and users stay for a long time, or early cancellation of the idea of using the first video bar.

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