Plum Blossom Group clarifies "overall production is normal"

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-Our correspondent Wang Ze today's Wuzhou Pearl (600873) issued a notice that has received the Plum Blossom Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "plum Group") Reply, Plum Blossom Group said that attaches great importance to the relevant media coverage, is cooperating with the Environmental Protection Department verification work, the overall production and operation of Normal. April 29 Wuzhou Pearl re-licensing and announced to the direction of the placement of the plum Blossom Group of assets, followed by 7 consecutive trading days to investors ecstatic.  Plum Blossom Group is China's leading enterprise in the field of biological fermentation, formerly known as Hebei Plum MSG Group Co., Ltd., founded in April 2002. May 7 media reports of the plum Blossom Group's alleged environmental problems have caused a sudden haze of restructuring plans.  According to the relevant regulations, environmental compliance is a prerequisite for the reorganization of the approved. In response to media reports that "the company stopped production rectification", the plum Blossom Group in the announcement clarified, said "the company has been involved in pollution problems of a branch of the production of rectification." The production scale of a factory, the proportion of total income is small, the company's overall production and operation is normal. "Data show that in 2003, the Plum Blossom Group in the industry take the lead in building a circular economy industrial base, from the production of MSG the first process, the discharge of waste, waste residue, all converted into products, is the longest domestic industrial chain, set energy, comprehensive utilization of resources as one of the modern production line. 2008, Plum Blossom Group also won the "national fermentation industry recycling economy Demonstration Enterprise" title. The reporter also interviewed the plum Blossom Group listed to run the relevant responsible person, he told reporters that the plum Blossom Group has always attached importance to the relationship between environmental protection and enterprise development, in pollution control, energy saving and emission reduction has invested a lot of manpower and material resources, since 2002 has invested more than hundreds of millions of yuan to purchase environmental protection equipment, the introduction of advanced environmental protection technology, has been completed sewage treatment plant Three, UASB anaerobic reactor 16, aerobic combination biochemical pool three, fungus protein production Workshop 3, compound fertilizer Production Workshop 3, four-effect enrichment equipment 4 sets, granulation Unit 6 units, The cod value of the discharged water in the wastewater treatment plant of Meihua group is much better than that of the national monosodium glutamate industry pollutant discharge standard, which is less than 300mg/l. The company has set up with the development of enterprises to adapt to environmental protection, environmental management system, construction project EIA procedures complete, and obtained the corresponding sewage permits.  And the public information did not find the plum Blossom Group has been the environmental violations of illegal issues. Wuzhou Pearl also reminded investors in the announcement, the company's major asset restructuring still have to Wuzhou Pearl Board of Directors and shareholders General meeting, the Board of directors and shareholders of Plum Blossom Group Review, Shandong Wuzhou Investment Group Co. Investors are asked to pay attention to investment risk if they can obtain relevant approvals or approvals, and when there is uncertainty about the time of final approval or approval.
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