Plum: Reducing taxpayers ' burden from a more reasonable angle

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This afternoon, the National People's Congress Four Conference News Center held the theme "The formation and consummation of the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics" in the Golden Hall on the third floor of the Great Hall of the people. At the meeting, the NPC Legal Committee members, the NPC Standing Committee deputy director of legal system Plum on this year's tax legislation. "This morning, Chairman Wu Bangguo mentioned in his report on the work of the Standing Committee that one important aspect of future legislation is to improve the legislation on finance and taxation," he said. The amendment of the personal income tax law belongs to the content of this aspect. At the same time, this year's legislative plan also plans to develop a VAT law. The State Council held a standing meeting in early March, the principle of the amendment of the bill by the personal income tax law, has not officially mentioned the NPC Standing Committee. Before that, we were involved in the work, and as far as I know, this amendment to the personal income tax law is mainly to raise the threshold, that is, the amount of income earned by individuals to pay their incomes. At present, the implementation of the 2000 yuan is not paid under the personal income tax. He went on to say that enterprises are now the implementation of "three gold", in addition to social insurance deduction of 500 yuan, so in fact, personal income is still less than 2500 yuan, according to the current provisions can not pay personal income tax. "There is certainly a higher starting point than this, because the bill does not mention the NPC Standing Committee, so I cannot answer it accurately," he said. Plum stressed that changes in tax rates also involve adjustments to the tax rate. He said that the current implementation of the excess cumulative tax rate is nine levels, the burden on taxpayers is heavier. Tax changes may reduce the burden of taxpayers from a more reasonable angle, so the excess cumulative rate will be properly merged. Plum said: "This important step is to implement the party's 17 v plenary session on the initial distribution of the proportion of citizens ' wage increase." At the same time, the Central Economic Work Conference is an important measure to improve people's livelihood this year. ”
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