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Since the 2013 search engine rankings affecting factors of the release, as well as Baidu Webmaster Salon Lee's share of a series of industry information, "social media marketing" on the site SEO ranking influence is rapidly spreading. According to the recent Seoide search for the impact of the comprehensive analysis of site rankings show that the WEB2.0 era of SEO has tended to diversify the development pattern.


Based on SNS user behavior in Web search application behind:

The AIDMA series model proposed by the US Lewis in 1989 so far, with the arrival of WEB2.0, the consumption model has transitioned to Aisas. A combination of search and sharing of consumer behavior in the process phase, it is the rapid development of the internet caused by the consumer behavior of the change, until 2010 Baidu Search in Q1 industry research proposed a new model to add: demand, search, evaluation, action, sharing.


The dseas pattern used to be different, in order to stimulate and obtain the form of potential intention and product information through the search platform, the user consuming industry is being evaluated into the purchase action, and the behavior demand is tending to the application development of a lot of product information comparison, service sharing and social network.

This shows that WEB2.0 users is the extension of the SNS demand for many of the search behavior, then for the return of user search needs, we found that the social marketing of the impact of the SEO mainly include: social content and voting, social media sharing and search, social media integration and expansion.

The main shift of social content and the form of voting

In the Web1.0 era, content is the creation of Web site editors, voting is also between the site, the traditional search engines are based on the site of the vote on the site, the establishment of a chain based on the value of the system. Facing the Web2.0 user behavior, the network content creation main force starts to turn to the user, the traditional voting form from single chain to expand to share, appraise, grade and so on various forms, according to the individual user as the granularity vote, thus establishes the page weight value the reference factor.


The search behavior inspired by social media sharing

In the face of more and more user content consumption derived from a large number of sharing incentives, the emergence of social sharing to further change the user's intention to search behavior, this series of users through the content-sharing mechanism to stimulate the consumption intention, is rapidly spreading. So social-sharing tools and page apps also set up a benign cycle of search for website SEO:


The rise of social social media marketing, in the final analysis, is still emerging from the needs of users. According to this series of SEO impact Factor analysis mainly includes: the number of communication, focus on traffic and content, more and more social platforms are catering to the needs of users in the site, the future SEO will no longer rely on a single search marketing platform to work.

The way to integrate and expand social media in the future:

User search needs of the ever-changing trend is still tending to the development of the platform, mobile localization of the network era let the SEO pay more attention to social. Web site and social content interaction, multimedia sharing channels, WEB2.0 era from user-oriented to content requirements, the emergence of a series of changes in all the power of search to the user-led, the future of social media and SEO integration expansion is rapidly spreading.


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