"Pokemon: Black and white" broken sales record drives DS sales

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Play video (compiler/wendy) Japan's authoritative statistics agency media create released last week's game software sales rankings, "Pokemon: Black and White," sold about 2.55 million, accurate sales of 2557779, won the league table champion. This is the first week of the Pokemon series with the highest sales volume, breaking the 2006-year game of the fourth generation of "Pokemon Pearl/Diamond" created 1586360 Records, but also the first week of 2010, the Japanese game the highest game sales results.  There have also been news of the "Pokemon: Black and white" sold 2.6 million tickets in two days, scheduled to more than 1 million. In the rankings, Microsoft's "Halo: Zhiyuan Star" ranked fourth, sales of 44,000.  This has affected hardware sales, Nintendo sold the DSi 47379, Dsill 31254, occupies the first to second place, Xbox360 sales of 5800 units, than last week, the increase of one times. Others entering the list of SE's "Frontline Tasks: Evolution" (PS3) ranked second, game King: Card Power 4 ranked third, the following is the complete list, after parentheses for last week's sales: Hardware sales Rankings: 01. dsi:47,379 (16,345) 02. DSi ll:31,254 (19,076) 03. psp:29,866 (30,761) 04. ps3:21,096 (19,907) 05. wii:14,833 (15,031) 06. DS lite:7,137 (4,328) 07. x360:5,804 (2,915) 08. ps2:1,390 (1,363) 09. PSP go:863 (809) Game software sales List: 01. Pokemon: Black and White (Pokemon, DS): 2,557,779 02. Frontline Mission: Evolution (Square Enix, PS3): 51,084 03. Game King: Card strength 4 (Ke le mei, PSP): 45,879 04. Aura: Zhiyuan Star (Microsoft, X360): 44,413 05. Wii Party (Nintendo, Wii): 36,547 (997,025) 06. Monhan Diary poka Poka Felyne Sanlitun (Capcom, PSP): 28,627 (428,677) 07. Pirate King: Giant War! (South Dream Palace, NDS): 28,123 (159,977) 08. Blue Rose (Nippon ichi, PSP): 9,846 09. Too drum up the talent DS (South Dream Palace Generation, DS): 8,729 (215,513) 10. Super Mario: Galaxy 2 (Nintendo, WII): 8,178 (825,541) More information please pay attention to play game Network (Edit/Ming)
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