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Absrtact: Recently, Poly Mei Excellent products by some U.S. law firm investigation and class action. Poly-Mei Excellent product CEO Chen Au today issued long micro-blog, about the six months of experience. Chen Au that the reason is prosecuted by a number of law firms because of the interests behind it, the company

Recently, the United States excellent products by some U.S. law firm investigation and class action. Poly-Mei Excellent product CEO Chen Au today issued long micro-blog, about the six months of experience.

Chen Au that the reason is prosecuted by a number of law, because there is interest behind, "the company to compensate, so the law firm will make money."

The following is the original version of Chen Owibo:

You never know what Chen Au's been doing for six months.

Another American law firm has finished.

Early in the morning the phone woke me up and said another American law firm was suing us and the stock price was still falling. Family really frightened, they do not understand the workings of Wall Street after all, see the indictment two words scared half to death. Many days have not slept soundly, every day to appease the scared half to death of relatives and friends, this dark eye really block also can't stop.

Black rim of the eye is not scary, anyway listed this six months, has been black out Xiang. Always on the cusp, in order to avoid right and wrong, I rarely come out to speak, but the more silent negative more. Also have a lot of people ask, poly beauty This half year what in the end is doing, Chen Au this half year in what. Perhaps, I have to clear my throat.

You only see fake rumors, but you don't see Poly-Mei is the cleanest electric dealer

A period of time before the explosion of electricity dealers third party platform watch sale of fake events, countless electric dealers involved in it. Poly-Mei's core business is proprietary cosmetics, Third-party watches are entirely marginal business, in this incident, but the deepest injury. I have to admit that we have a loophole in management, early in the United States as a non-cosmetics as a platform business, as long as the business to provide authorization, plus its operating on other large platforms as a credential, we will allow businesses to enter our platform. Maybe it's too young too, we've always thought that these big platforms would be better than us, after all, third-party business is years ahead of us. After the event, we found that this audit logic is completely trifling, relying on a letter of authorization of paper and a large platform sales record, it is impossible to control the quality of goods, and, large platform management, is far from our strict.

Something happened, the other platform, shut down the store, fined a statement issued, and then how to sell continue how. The choice of the United States unprecedented, direct brandished from the palace, 0 tolerance of the entire third party cut off the business line of luxury goods, have authorized to stop, from the root to solve this problem. This choice many people are against, because this knife down, the performance must be damaged, for a quarterly report card to the listed companies, this choice is extremely heavy. My starting point is simple and selfish, because I can't tolerate my name being tied to fakes, and I can't stand to disappoint people who trust me. I would also like to cut off the edge of the business do not affect consumers on the beauty of the Cosmetics trust.

But what I didn't think about was that because of the weak media relationship, the other platform was fine, and the United States became the so-called "suspected false selling false" and "recognition of the sale of fake", we cut off the luxury line of business, spread to many innocent businessmen, only 100% controllable poly beauty, but because of weak media relations, is still repeatedly said, A full attack for a small six months. As you can guess in the end, many consumers will think that Poly-Mei is cosmetic sales leave, our core business has been hit hard.

This time I was sad, the whole industry, no one more than I care about their reputation. This year, in order to get rid of the fake doubt, I go around, like a grandson of begging, countless times to drink their own unconscious, is the hope that the brand can be affixed to the product security code. The brand also does not understand gathers the United States, all day complains us to give them to add the trouble, said that you have many housework. Poly-Mei as a brand most authorized, the only one with anti-counterfeiting code system, but because the media relationship is weak, become a typical sale of fake. And the media relations are strong friends, even by the general administration of industry and commerce, can quickly kill all the negative news, continue to enjoy the third party shop fakes bring the flow dividend.

I just want to state a few facts:

1. Fake trouble, just poly beauty of the third party watch business, rather than the core cosmetics line of business;

2. Poly-Mei is the most responsible for consumers of electricity, to cut off the entire business, but was hurt the deepest;

3. Poly-Mei is the most licensed cosmetics brand, but also the only one can be the official website examination of the real electric dealer

And ask, also have which appliance merchant has such high standard?

All you see is that the United States is sued, but you don't see the benefits behind it.

Why is Poly-Mei sued? Frankly speaking, the United States in the negative impact and cut off the luxury of third party business, under the double influence, the recent slowdown in growth, share prices fell. A pile of Wall Street firms jumped in to sue the United States, saying that we did not tell them that they would cut off third-party lines of business before listing, and that there was a suspicion of misleading investors. The aim of the prosecution, naturally, is for the company to compensate, so that the law firm will make money.

This has formed an industrial chain in the United States, and has also allowed the United States to have a number of law firms focused on listed companies, the first time to become "first plaintiff", to obtain the best interests. These firms and lawyers are also known as "stock-market vultures".

First of all, I'm sorry about the recent fall in stock prices, but I still feel I'm doing the right thing. Only 100% of consumers are responsible for consumer trust, there will be long-term shareholder value, or one day we must be negative drowning. In addition, I cut a line of business is misleading? What kind of logic is that? I only hope that the domestic media friends do not fear the world is not disorderly, make the title party as if we have sinned.

So the question is, what's Chen Au doing lately?

Recently we in the Crazy appointment brand, please they affixed security code, in the last 50 days, Arden, Water Baby, the name of the pet, Sui, Shiseido, Snow, Jill Stuart, OPI These big-name cosmetics have or will soon join the Anti-counterfeiting code system, no fake worries.

Recently we have been in Europe and the United States and South Korea run, we know that overseas purchase is a very large demand, but consumers will still worry about the true and false, so the first batch of the United States to introduce the global hot cards, including It's Skin,banila co,tolymoly, nine clouds, the saem,3ce and so on, All get brand direct authorization.

Cross-border electricity dealers are absolutely positive for us, through overseas direct mining, we can not only the source of the goods have a 100% confidence, but also to the consumers close to the duty-free shop price. The existence of bonded zone, also let our consumers, no longer because of cross-border bad logistics annoyance. Soon, we will take the duty-free shop, directly to your mobile phone, open the poly-Mei app, you can enjoy the best shopping experience.

For consumers, I would like to say that I hope you can see our efforts and continue to support us. Take a look at the top speed duty-free shop of Poly Mei, give us suggestions, we quickly improve.

For the shareholders of the United States, I would like to say, I hope you can understand our choice, believe us, give us more time, we temporarily low-key, just accumulate strength.

And for these interests to engage in the United States and short gathers the United States stock market vultures, you have been tossing for six months, you can, wash and sleep.

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