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Tianjin Municipal Party committee deputy secretary Lifeng inspected Ren Yong Film and television Animation Production Co., Ltd. China Network, Binhai High-tech new coastal High-tech Zone animation Enterprises, following the God-bound comics "four classics" renowned at home and abroad, the edge into film and television by the domestic first 3D animation film "Qitenda Holy prequel" Heat, 3D anime The National Film Bureau has been licensed to film, the entire film is expected to be released in 2011. Binhai High-tech zone animation "aircraft carrier" is quietly set sail. Tianjin Binhai High-tech zone, the four famous series of the book "Journey to the West" industry masterpiece choppy excellent animation enterprises continue to gather growth "we produce the national characteristics of" Strawberry Paradise "," Time and Space youth "and other animation products can successfully to the world, is because Binhai high-tech zone set up the animation industry Development Fund for our enterprises to take off the wings.  "Tianjin Ren Yong Animation Co., Ltd. General manager Lin Yuehui recently in an interview with reporters said." In recent years, Tianjin Binhai High-tech zone relies on regional advantages, vigorously develop the animation industry based on excavating and carrying forward the excellent culture of the Chinese nation, now brings together more than 60% of the city's key animation game enterprises and software research and development enterprises. According to statistics, Binhai High-tech Zone animation company 2009 Year original animation works 11, a total of 4,412 minutes. Includes 1 animated films (71 minutes) and 10 cartoons (4,412 minutes). Among them, "little boys Sailing" and "Strawberry Paradise" by the State administration of SARFT as the fourth quarter of 2009 National excellent animated cartoon recommended. Now gathered such as the God-bound comics, the aerial Mammoth, Ren Yong animation, the British digital and other influential animation enterprises, the content of comics, animation, games, animation training and other fields.  Tianjin Binhai High-tech zone, the British digital staff are doing animation to draw achievements: Tianjin God World Comics has developed into the domestic cartoon industry leader, its masterpiece animation version of the four famous, renowned at home and abroad, the company was 2007-2008, 2008-2009 national culture export key enterprises.  God World Comics, animation, Ren Yong animation, Haufeng animation 4 companies to become the National Animation Enterprise Management Office identified the first batch of 100 animation enterprises. Tianjin Mammoth Technology Co., Ltd. won 2009 Chinese creative Industry High Growth Hundred enterprise title.  Company produced the game "Day robbery online" Currently registered users have more than 4 million, product income listed in the domestic mobile gaming industry first.  2009, China's first three-dimensional animated film "Qitenda" in Tianjin Binhai High-tech zone "born."  Ren Yong Animation production of "Strawberry Paradise" by the State administration of SARFT as the fourth quarter of 2009 National excellent animated cartoon recommended.  Set up a special fund animation enterprises to develop dynamic animation enterprises settled in Binhai High-tech zone will be able to obtain heavy support, animation enterprise staff to create a boutique project will receive financial support, enterprise products in the international and national incentives can also be rewarded. This series of preferential policies are binhai highNew area for animation enterprises tailored.  To create a good industrial development environment, Binhai High-tech zone in the city launched the first animation industry support policy, set up an annual amount of 50 million yuan animation industry development of special funds, to focus on supporting excellent original animation projects, preferential policies and strong measures for the animation industry has laid a good development advantage. Policy details: • A certain social and economic benefits of the original animation game items, can be declared animation industry development funds, to the maximum of not more than 2 million yuan project start-up funds. • Large well-known animation enterprises at home and abroad to set up a headquarters or regional headquarters, research and development institutions, the actual amount of funds in place over 20 million yuan , which is awarded to the Company (institution) established in Tianjin according to the proportion of total investment of 6%. The maximum award amount is no more than 2 million yuan. • The original works of animation and games won international major awards, one-time award of 1 million Yuan, won the national and municipal major prizes of the original animation game works, one-time award of 500,000 yuan,  100,000 yuan, the State administration of radio and television recommended as a priority to broadcast the excellent animated cartoon, one-time award of 100,000 yuan; to the National Ministry of Culture or the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology approved the official online operation of the original game, each award 50,000 yuan and so on. Binhai High-tech zone becomes Tianjin animation industry development Pilot zone in the face of Europe and the United States, Japan and other animation power, the Tianjin anime people do not fear, creating countless anime myths, achievements of "Chinese comics" from "Tianjin manufacturing" era.  The Korean media commented: "I was surprised to see such a high quality of work from China, and did not expect the Chinese comic field to develop as fast as its economy." At present, Binhai High-tech zone animation industry has begun to take shape, looking forward to the future, Binhai High-tech area will tightly grasp the rapid development of Tianjin's cultural industry momentum, relying on regional advantages, combined with regional industrial characteristics, vigorously develop animation industry, for the development of animation enterprises to build a financing platform to support enterprises to do Tianjin has become the characteristics of the industry and development of bright spots, in the promotion of the city's animation industry to accelerate the development of the industrial agglomeration effect and demonstration-driven role, as the new coastal area animation industry development of the pilot zone. (Reporter Zhang Weiwi intern under)
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