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Beijing time August 1: According to foreign media reports, Scrabulous is a very popular web game on Facebook. After being removed by Facebook, the game was put back online in Thursday, only to change a name to avoid legal risk.

The new version of the Scrabulous game is now called Wordscraper, in addition to the name, the rules of the game have changed.

Because the scrabulous game is too much like Scrabble, the US Hasbro company intervened, leading to the Facebook site's removal of the game in Tuesday. Then the Scrabble game was attacked by hackers, suspected to be related to the withdrawal of the incident.

Scrabulous's developers, in Calcutta, India, are still exporting the game to other countries around the world, although they have ceased operations in the United States and Canada. Hasbro said the other party violated their intellectual property and trademark rights.

Scrabulous is one of the hottest games on the Facebook site, with a daily population of 500,000 users.

At present, the Hasbro company has already sued the Indian game developer to the American court.

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