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When you surf the Internet, the ads that pop up on the Web page, and the merchandise ads you see on the Internet, will be monitored. Yesterday, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the propaganda department 13 departments and so on the joint release false illegal advertisement special rectification implementation Opinion, this year the large-scale portal website, the video class website, the network trading platform, the search class website, the medicine website advertisement also includes the key supervision monitoring, proposed to make the special management stipulation to the Internet advertisement.

In accordance with the implementation of this year's advice, the relationship between health and safety and illegal issues prone to multiple medical, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, health food, illegal sex, vulgar bad advertising, as well as collectibles, merchants to join the ads are the key targets.

And now all kinds of websites have sprung up a large number of ads, the Internet when these ads will occasionally appear, there is no lack of exaggeration, false and other illegal content. To this end, large portal sites, video sites, network trading platforms, search sites, pharmaceutical websites published online ads also included in the focus of supervision and control, the investigation of false illegal advertising.

Then the industry and commerce, news office, Food Bureau, Communications, Public security and other departments will be linked to network advertising supervision, such as the news site and have internet News Information Service qualification business site to increase day-to-day management, regulation of the internet and mobile phone transmission of obscene pornography and vulgar information, delete online illegal sex and vulgar bad advertising.

In particular, the Internet has not approved the release of drug information and sales of drugs in the domestic web site, by the relevant departments in writing to identify drugs, medical devices, medical care and other Internet Information services, but also refused to rectify or serious violations of the site, will be revoked Internet Information Services business license or cancellation of the record

For the problem of network advertising, the State administration of industry and Commerce introduced, will innovate the supervision and standardization of advertising methods, promote the network advertising supervision of law enforcement mature experience, explore the establishment of long-term network advertising supervision mechanism, to the Internet advertising, health food and other research to develop special management provisions. (Lio Eling)

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