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On July 28, the "Chinese position from the cloud to the end of" 2011 technology release, the first to realize Cross-platform, trans-network, cross-industry position cloud Typical technology MiniSun4.0, on-line "China position" cloud platform. Based on the location of the cloud "cloud + End" system to the ground, so that the many industries to think strong products from the cloud to the end. With the recent release of products, navigation cloud the advent of the era, so that the building of many years of the position cloud system, will bear fruit.

In China, cloud services have not been involved in a wide range of navigation industry, and the public MiniSun4.0 technology is aimed at this business opportunity. The purpose of the public thought is self-evident, the depth of access to navigation and location services market, it is the use of cloud services to highly integrate with the many industries of the company's products, set up a new cloud service system and a variety of service implantation, free of charge to provide large-capacity cloud storage services, can be very good to attract users to expand the influence and user This has led to a significant increase in corporate value.

According to reporters at the press conference on the information, location cloud at this stage is a "product cut, service follow-up, platform integration" business model quickly and actively promote. Location Cloud has taken the lead in digital cities, Mobile asset Management, Beidou applications, high-precision location services, L-ERP (location-based Enterprise Resource management), vehicle networking, ship networking and other fields have a typical application, for the Government, enterprises and individual users to bring more intelligent government decision-making, business operations and personal life.


Service a variety of industries, navigation cloud ERA arrival

With the cloud platform "China position. com" On the line, and a variety of new products are coming on the market, the public will focus on all fields, all in accordance with the Cloud + end of the way to provide solutions.

With the location of cloud technology system to the landing, the public think strong in various fields have a large number of applications. Just like fishing management this cloud + end solution, in this press conference, the many users who have been invited to the meeting have displayed many applications, such as public safety, surveying surveying and mapping, logistics and transportation, new energy vehicles, vehicle networking, personal navigation, family care and so on, and showing the location of long-term development planning and business model, It shows the ability to provide services to many areas, developed a large number of potential users, and combined with program developers, communications operators, content providers and other industry partners, showing a broad space for development.

Three-span technology for the first time, service of massive users

According to the Changxiaochun Software technology director, said at the press conference, the position cloud system is "cloud + End". "Cloud", or "China position platform", is a backend platform based on cloud computing technology, responsible for intelligent thinking and intelligent decision-making like the brain. "+" i.e. "Minisun" is a software middleware that resides in the terminal, responsible for intelligent transmission and intelligence feedback like the nervous system. "End" that is "positioning terminal" is a variety of intelligent products with positioning capabilities, including consumer electronics and professional equipment, responsible for the wisdom of perception and intelligence execution like the senses and limbs.

In this press release of the location cloud typical technology "MiniSun4.0", the first implementation of Cross-platform, trans-network, cross-industry, this position cloud to achieve with a variety of terminals compatible. such as Cross-platform compatible with Microsoft, Android, Symbian, Apple a variety of operating systems, can be MiniSun4.0 technology in a variety of mobile phones to implement the application. Cross-network compatible with GPS, Beidou, glonass a variety of navigation systems, using a variety of satellite signals to achieve such as the sea operation and other difficult and promotion conditions of navigation, and in the absence of communication signals can be used directly satellite communications, expanded the navigation and location services to use the scope. Cross-industry is compatible with vehicle navigation, surveying surveying and mapping, location information services and other industries. As a result of the MiniSun4.0 across the public, professional and location service market, many users, the release of the public, no doubt that the combination of many think strong integration of a number of product lines, providing a large number of value-added services, and lay the foundation for the acquisition and service of the vast numbers of users.

Open, Unite and win, seek common Chi market

With the wide use of China's 3G intelligent navigation mobile phone and vehicle navigation instrument, people's awareness and reliance on navigation and location services have increased rapidly, the public demand is huge, 2010 output value reached 50 billion yuan, the output value of 2015 is expected to reach 265 billion yuan, where the service 155 billion yuan, User terminal 130 million units, the number of users 350 million, there is a huge market potential; At the same time, navigation and location services as a strategic emerging industry, has a pivotal and indispensable position in the Internet of things, digital earth, intelligent transportation, energy conservation and other fields play an important role in the basic support, the State attaches great importance to, Through the construction of Beidou satellite navigation system and continuous Operation reference Station (CORS) system, our country has laid a good foundation for the development of navigation and location service.

According to all think strong, the United States will be "position cloud" as the support, to "open, United, and win" as the principle of integration of government, industrial resources, together to develop navigation and location Services Chi Market, return users, serve the country's development.

Min Yiren, deputy director of national Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Bureau, said at the press conference: "The Chinese position platform is suitable for China's national conditions, which shows the bright prospect of integrated navigation and positioning service and the great potential of the development of geo-information industry in China." National Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Bureau will promote industrial development as an important strategic task, in policy support, resource security, market supervision, technology innovation and so on to increase the work, for the geographical information enterprises to accelerate the development of good environmental conditions. "

In the press conference held a "China position" founder Forum, Day map Vice President Li Jingwei, China Mobile Research Institute Dean Huang, IBM Greater China Region E-commerce and Sales center, general manager of the software department, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chen Rong and the representative of the community to discuss the development prospects of China's position service market , the spirit of "open, United, and win" principle, will be from the National Geographic Information Infrastructure Investment, electronic maps, mobile communications, cloud computing, spatial geographic database and other fields together to build a "China position" service market.

And according to Cao Hongjie, vice president of technology, said all think strong for the construction of the cloud accumulated a large number of resources and qualifications, including the Internet Grade A map qualification, geographic Information System Class B qualification, telecom-grade IDC, call center operation qualification, SP and SMS Platform operation qualification, the establishment of thousands of people call center, such as its own resources, Integrated many it, the Internet, mobile communications and other industry resources, these are built from the cloud to the end of the "China position" service platform to provide the qualification and strength protection. The fruit of the position cloud is not long.

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