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Before we operate any project, whether it is an entity or a network, we must first have an accurate positioning of ourselves. I personally think that the world is divided into four kinds of people, because I am doing the internet industry, so for each kind of people, I only give each person suitable for the network project.

The first kind of people do not want to invest, have executive power. This kind of person is not suitable to be a boss, because dare not invest, explain boldness is not enough. I've heard too many excuses for the same one: "I have no money". Money is not everyone born, even if the second generation of rich, rich three generations, his family rich source of the generation must also be a courageous person. No boldness, no guts, fear of risk, these three points is my summary of the shortcomings of this kind of people. "Gold without pure, no perfect", if you think about it in reverse, then one person can not only have shortcomings, he will have his own advantages, and this first kind of person's advantage is to have executive power, so if they choose their career in reality, then I think blue-collar workers is their best choice. If you choose jobs on the Internet, I also think they should choose blue-collar workers.

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The second kind of people want to invest, and the investment amount is big, but have no executive power. If you are reading this article, you belong to this kind of person, then first close your eyes to see if you have the ability to learn and practice, if you have the ability to learn and practice, then you can be a small boss, physical business I do not know what you should do, but I know that on the Internet you can do at least a white-collar. Here the learning ability is learning team building management, practical ability is to learn the team building management can be practical application ability. If these two points can be done, it can at least lead a small team.

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The third kind of people do not want to invest, and have no executive power. Do not dare to do the investors, do not dare to be losers, and do not want to pay the labor of the people. It can be concluded that such people do not earn money, if it is necessary to recommend such people suitable for the job, on the Internet, there is no entity projects-civil servants. about how to be a civil servant I only know two roads, one is pit Dad, one is hard to learn the exam, but this kind of person is doomed to be lazy, so their own hard to study the chances of a test is not very big. Of course, I know that many civil servants are also studying hard to get their own jobs.

The fourth kind of person may invest, but the investment amount is few, but also has the execution ability. This kind of person I personally think very good, boldness does not need to be very big, because our modern society does not need too much heroism, but in the past we saw the big boldness figure is generally a hero. Dare to invest, no matter how much, the description is at least ambitious; Investment + hard work, not equal to success, at least equal to making money. This kind of person can operate the project regardless of the entity or the network, has too many many projects.

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Some friends may have the question, why not the fifth kind of person? can have big investment, and have very strong executive power.

This kind of person is not no, but they know how to invest, their models and processes are generally the first small investment projects or not investment projects, because their implementation is very strong, so they find a direction has been working hard, they will know how to finance, accumulate a certain wealth after the start of investment; In fact, their greatest advantage is not a strong executive power, but they know how to make money like water, there is income immediately investment, not only investment feasibility projects, investment in learning is also an investment, there are out, funds such as water, wealth flow to create greater wealth. Feather is an extraordinary effort to become this kind of people, but not yet achieved, so this type of people I do not qualify to recommend projects, and I think this kind of people are by their own plan, also do not need me to recommend.

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