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Do you play micro-letters? Is it always a bit of a compliment? Then why are you doing it? Let me guess.

First, the status of acquaintances and photos, heartfelt want to express appreciation and praise, usually point praise and comments, if there is no good comment on the direct point of praise.

The status and photos of people who are not very familiar with themselves but do not resent them. Express his concern, concern and appreciation. I guess that's right. For example, I am in the circle of friends to send a small baby flower posture to sleep in the picture can always attract a lot of praise. In addition to my mother can feel the warmth, the point of praise will be because of my photos and feel warm. A little praise can express this warmth. "I think it's a very warm thing for everyone to have something new," said the friend.

Micro-letter point of praise so that marketing communication has become positive energy

Micro-letter now also began to enter marketing communications, when a friend in the micro-letter to promote their products or send out purchasing information, even if they do not have the need for the time will be praised to support. The circle of friends also has a lot of content does not fit the point of praise, whether can use other words to express? I think it is not possible. The act of praising itself is a generalization of a group of behavioral characteristics, the establishment of a positive energy-driven function, it is difficult to find a function can have such a rich connotation and easy to understand the words, praise and the top, support, and so on, and emotional expression of the two are deficient. As a simple and direct language, it describes a network of people and human interaction, positive energy release action, praise of the irreplaceable and not the same, all become positive energy marketing successful channel. In addition, why does the micro-letter have no forwarding function? personally feel very sorry.

The effects of collection and forwarding vary widely

Many people in the QQ space, the good content, practical information, there is emotional approval of things to forward. Microblogging to see good articles or knowledge posts are willing to forward and @. Why do you want to forward instead of collecting? The reason is that one-click forwarding is not only convenient to find and read later, but also to share with friends ... This is close to the truth, ah, in fact, do not need extra effort to help others, everyone is willing to do so. So the so-called crazy forwarding, the amount of a day to reach the number of forwarding. It is because of this psychological basis, many good posts and positive energy things can be quickly spread. A good marketing person, in the planning of marketing plans should be taken into account is also how to promote the release of positive energy users, the formation of autonomous transmission of N-secondary effect.

An enterprise, through the platform to promote positive energy to affect users is a new marketing approach. For example, through the 51 search network (www.51sole.com) a key build station and release engine to do some of this content marketing is worth considering. Praise is a simple action, a simple emotion, and what is stated behind this is that praise is the beginning of all good and all new beginnings. Praise, appreciate others, positive energy to drive themselves. 2013 fires the positive energy this word. People seem to have poured out their grievances from the past and gradually realized that it is more hopeful to pass upward positive energies. The negative energy is that you can't control him, he will influence you. Now there are only two features in the micro-letter circle of friends, comments and points of praise. Weibo is a point of praise, commentary and forwarding. Marketing also needs to be from the perspective of positive energy to affect users, drive users.

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