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Ebay CEO Donahoe (Tencent Technology map)

Silicon Valley News According to Tencent Technology (China Tao) Beijing time April 3, the United States well-known IT magazine Wired network published a Tuesday review article said, in the PC business has moved towards the "demise of the Road" today, the U.S. E-commerce service ebay is vigorously seeking new development path, That is to maximize the development of global mobile internet shopping users, and in the business model completely rid of Amazon's "shadow."

The following is the full text of the article:

Thanks to technology trends and unique marketing methods, smartphones and tablet makers are able to deliver hundreds of millions of shipments a year. In the transition from a traditional PC to a mobile device, other industries are also facing a transformation, and expect to gain momentum for future market growth.

To cite a recent example of this, we might as well listen to the comments of John Donahoe, chief executive of ebay (Donahoe). "With the guidance of mobile services, changes in the business sector are coming," he said at a recent analyst meeting at ebay headquarters. The way we shop is quietly changing, and in this new business area, ebay wants to be the industry leader. ”

Donahoe told analysts at the meeting that ebay's global business deal would be up to $300 billion trillion by 2015, up from $175 billion in 2012. The total size of the deal, Donahoe said, includes commodity transactions and payments from different platforms and sectors of the company, including ebay's GSI E-commerce software and services. Donahoe also noted that a large portion of the total turnover expected to be done via the ebay platform would come from consumer purchases and payments via mobile phones.

The US market research firm Baird Equity, which published a study, said that about $27 billion of ebay's $175 billion trillion total turnover in 2012 was purchased and paid through mobile devices, accounting for more than 15% of the total turnover. Ebay estimates that the company's mobile turnover this year is expected to break the 4 billion dollar mark (including the ebay platform's 2 billion dollar sales and the 2 billion dollar deal through PayPal's payment platform).

It is the expected data that has led a large number of mainstream analysts to bullish on ebay's market growth potential. Since last autumn, ebay has taken a lot of new steps to get rid of the impression that ebay is a Web auction service provider. Investors also seem to believe that ebay is ready to meet the post-PC era. For some time now, ebay's share price has been slow but relatively stable, not only to its highest share price in the past 52 weeks, but also to a complete escape from its share price of more than $10 since the 2008 US stock market hit.

Despite being favored by Wall Street, ebay must first solve a big problem if it wants to get a real online shopper.

Forrester, the US market research firm, reported that about One-third of all internet shoppers in the United States first looked at Amazon for the goods they wanted to buy. Ebay had previously said that the total volume of transactions through its website in 2012 (GMV, the total value of the goods sold) was 67 billion U.S. dollars, slightly higher than the Amazon's total sales of 61 billion U.S. dollars over the same period. Yet a large portion of Amazon's sales are from Third-party sellers. In other words, Amazon's total sales will not truly reflect the total value of the site's commodity transactions. Amazon has not released a specific number of its deals, and analysts expect it to be close to $100 billion trillion.

So will ebay be able to change that disadvantage after it has developed its mobile services strategy? It was reported that Amazon's turnover over mobile devices last year was between 3 billion and 5 billion dollars, well below ebay's corresponding turnover. However, Amazon's barcode scanning service, while impacting the traditional physical retail business, has become one of the world's most popular applications, and is expected to pull the total amount of Amazon mobile sales. Meanwhile, ebay is working with U.S. retailers such as Macy ' s, Target and Best Buy to persuade retailers to use ebay now. Some analysts believe that the cooperation between ebay and these entity retailers will undoubtedly help boost ebay's sales growth.

The ultimate battle between Amazon and ebay is undoubtedly a battle between the infrastructure: centralization versus decentralization, and hierarchical confrontation. And the mobile industry seems to be better suited to ebay's strategy. Just to win the war, ebay seems to have to take steps to keep up with Amazon on matters such as the continuity of its product and service strategy.

Perhaps ebay's chances of winning are beyond the U.S. market. Baird predicts that by 2015, global online shoppers will grow by as much as 4 billion, and that many of these users will only use mobile devices for shopping. (ebay does look at global markets.) The company said this week that it had invested 50 million of dollars in Snapdeal, an E-commerce website in India. As PCs play a smaller role in global public online activity, ebay clearly wants to offer more appropriate options to mobile Internet users. And in the current 2 billion of mobile internet users, even if only a small part of the choice on the ebay site to buy or sell goods, then ebay is expected to achieve what Baird analysts call "strong growth."

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