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In recent years, the rapid development of electronic commerce, which is dominated by the business of Consumer Electric and group buying, is changing the original industry layout of traditional retailing industry. According to the data published in the 2011 China consumer market transactions of up to 179.11 billion yuan, Analysys International released data shows that the 2011 domestic consumer, group buying and other models of the number of enterprises as many as 20,500--in providing consumers with more choices and experience, The competition for the domain name of the electricity merchant also intensified, the domain name market heats up continuously.

To rely on traffic to achieve sales of electric business enterprises, a simple and easy to remember the domain name not only conforms to the consumer's memory habit, can grasp the consumer to the thing memory psychology, causes it to form the cognition to the enterprise, becomes more conforms to the consumer shopping custom the electronic Commerce Choice entrance, also is advantageous to enhances the consumer brand loyalty, So as to enhance the brand personality and strength of the enterprise. As far as the electric business industry is concerned, the domain name which accords with its brand strategic layout is not only the unique mark of the electric commodity brand, but also the key to improve the stickiness of consumers.

A person familiar with the electric business industry, said that the domestic e-commerce enterprise traffic sources are mostly dependent on third parties, such as search engines, navigation sites, such as the introduction, but in the context of fierce competition in the electricity market, these marketing resources prices rise rapidly. "Some big manufacturers spend at least millions of per month on search engines and spend more than millions on web navigation," the person told reporters. Visible, a and brand matching domain name can not only bring direct traffic to the enterprise, but also can significantly reduce the import of external traffic to enterprises, for enterprises to save considerable money and human investment.

The well-known electric commodity card www.icson.com because of its original domain name the correlation is not strong, not easy to remember, the domain name changed to www.51buy.com after the target user group has been more extensive awareness and recognition, and its Web site traffic is also significantly higher than before, the same situation also occurred in Suning easy to buy, since the www.suning.co M of the domain name, suning easy to buy the road of the electric dealer on the "Highway".

Although a lot of electrical business awareness of the importance of the domain name, but not every home appliance business enterprises can obtain and its own brand positioning to match the domain name, there are a lot of electric dealers even to get such a domain name quite a bit of "Kung Fu." China's largest number of domain names registered million network said, at present, the world's most popular universal domain name is increasingly becoming scarce resources, not all enterprises can be registered with their own established brand development strategy of the domain name, enterprises spend millions of dollars to buy domain name events occur repeatedly. Prior to that, Suning electric appliances have been external said that the acquisition of suning.com Domain name spent "a domestic star one-year endorsement fee", which shows the great value of the domain name.

Million network vice President Yingqiao Bridge, said that for the electrical business, to match the brand and positioning of the value of the domain name is irreplaceable, in the case of a domain name resource depletion, the electric business enterprises may consider in the second-hand domain name market choice. To this end, China million network into the second-hand domain name market, the introduction of the world's near 3,000,001-port price domain name resources for the enterprise to find a match with the second-hand domain name provides a more choice of opportunities, its introduction of "SIP Price Domain Name Service" Integrity trading platform, price transparent, easy to operate, Also solves the domain name demand Enterprise to the second-hand domain name transaction market lacks the trustworthiness, the operation opaque and so on question, has provided the strong support for the enterprise solves "the number" question.

At the same time, million nets in a second-hand domain name transactions using secured transactions, 99% of the domain name support transactions in real time, not only save the domain name transaction time, for the Enterprise Network Marketing installed accelerator, but also to ensure that the user transactions 0 risk.

According to the latest data, China million network to 2.77 million effective domain name holdings continue to be the dominant, and CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) authoritative data show the total number of China's domain name is 7.75 million, China's global domain name holdings accounted for the total number of domestic domain 36%, This means that more than One-third of China's domain name is registered or managed through the million network, its largest domain name registration service provider's dominant position can not be shaken. It is reported that, such as Haier, gree and other enterprises in the online mall domain names are selected from the Million network.

Industry insiders believe that million network since entering the domain name industry for more than 16 years, has been maintained on the industry trends and development direction of the high concern, leading the trend of industry development and rhythm, but also more and more domestic enterprises to recognize the value of domain name is not only a combination of several characters, especially for the electric business, its domain name is a valuable strategic assets, Million network in the Domain name field of deep experience and service capabilities, can effectively help the electrical business in the domain name use and management without detours.

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