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Hangzhou World Guide is a fusion communications and cloud computing technology, as IBM in the field of cloud computing, an important ISV, through the integration of communications data network resources, relying on its own IDC (Internet Data Center) and 95 cloud customer service, To the global enterprises and institutions to provide communications and management information international first-class cloud service operators.

At present, Hangzhou World-Guide has been successfully for domestic and foreign Ibedovan enterprises and institutions and 20 million users to provide communications and communications value-added services and cloud management services. Not only that, in the favorable conditions of the close cooperation of IBM, Hangzhou World Guide Not only uses the IBM PowerLinux server to set up the innovative cloud service mode, but also through a series of unique cloud computing service products, such as the integrated real-time online service platform (e) of communication and management, all these Let Hangzhou Shi-guide quickly become China's industry leadership capabilities of the cloud computing solutions and service providers.

Customer challenges as the leading enterprise in the field of cloud computing services, Hangzhou World Guide has been relying on its own innovation, grasp the development opportunities of cloud computing, to provide all kinds of customers with advanced cloud computing services. And through the self-built data center, with independent intellectual property rights of the fusion communication platform, with E for the core and integration of other vendors to provide software application services, Hangzhou, the world successfully built its own coverage of Iaas,paas and SaaS comprehensive cloud services capabilities. In the past 13 years, Hangzhou world-wide has accumulated a large number of customers, currently in Hangzhou, China has 1.17 million enterprise users, more than 30 million of users. However, with the rapid development of the business, technical complexity, customer demand and operating costs are rapidly improving, how to achieve their own breakthrough under pressure, occupy the commanding heights of the future market has become the leader of the Hangzhou world leaders face difficulties. IBM Cloud Computing Solutions: As the world's leading provider of cloud computing technology and solutions, IBM has been active with the vast number of ISVs to provide comprehensive support, and strive to share its own advantages of technology, experience and knowledge. In the close cooperation with Hangzhou World-Guide, IBM provides all-round guidance and support from concept, technology to service, and help Hangzhou to build the business system on PowerLinux platform successfully. Compared with the original x86 server, IBM PowerLinux server performance can reach the original server 4-6 times, and energy consumption is less than half of the original, the system security is also greatly improved. Finally, Hangzhou World-Guide chose to use the IBM PowerLinux platform to replace the original x86 server, because the Linux system, so the migration work has been very smooth. Customer Value: 2012 Hangzhou World-Guide won the CCTV China Cloud services preferred brand. At the same time, Hangzhou World-Guide by virtue of its strong service capabilities to achieve rapid business expansion, and in China, the United States, Australia, Southeast Asia and other locations have branch offices and research and development institutions. Relying on the distribution of branches around the world, by virtue of the continuous upgrading of innovative capabilities, perfect service system, Hangzhou world-wide customers have won the trust and respect. "Responsible editor: Zhang Yu TEL: (010) 68476606"

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