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PPS Network TV is the world's first set of Peer-to-peer live on demand in one of the network TV software. PPS Network TV can watch movies, TV series, sports live broadcast, game athletics, anime, comprehensive arts, news, financial information ... Playback smooth, completely free, PPS network TV is a favorite user of the installed software. With the continuous development and growth of PPS, departments are now recruiting the following personnel, please select the classification of recruitment information browsing and inquiries, I hope that the broad masses of people can join PPS This family, create a better future.

Page designer, 1-2, mainly engaged in the company's product page design.

1. Have Web design experience with the overall site creativity, professional design work or to do more than 2 years station experience.

2. Proficient in Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver and other web design software and Photoshop, illustrator and other graphic design software.

3. A deep understanding of the web2.0 concept. including its advocacy of visual theory, user usability, interactivity, internationalization standards of the global Consortium.

4. Have a solid art foundation, have good creative thinking and understanding ability, for color collocation has unique insights and experience ...

5. Familiar with the website production, design process, for the site's art development has unique views and opinions.

6. Good teamwork spirit and good cooperation with programmers.

7. The interview with the relevant works and resumes, the resume indicates the expected salary.

8. Responsible for the company website Web page art and related graphic design. Update and creative to meet the needs of the operating layer of the art.

9. More than one year of work will have a large share of the treatment (ability to relax the requirements of the strong), for want to develop the cause of the art.

Company location: Shanghai-Xuhui

Interested parties please will resume, personal work demo (above two indispensable) to send to ppser@qq.com,

Online Contact qq:85736013 title "PPS Job Search"!

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