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July PR Update before the preparation work

1 time to collect data before PR update:

For this time grasp can not be very accurate, just a ballpark guess, this time the PR update may be the end of July or early August!

(2) Factors that affect the PR value (only part of it, of course):

A: The number of outbound links and the quality of the external link (links to the site's PR and chain numbers, etc.), which is well known.

B:google the number of pages included in a website (personally considered a key factor)

Exchange links Some policies:

1, see whether the linked site has been the major search engines and its search engine update frequency how (in search results can see the last time the dividend update, if there is no update for more than three days, it will not be displayed; If the linked site is indexed by major search engines and often updated, Then your site will also take up a lot of light. Because the search engine will also be linked to the site to update the corresponding, then you do not need to pay to the search engine companies to help you update (such as "Baidu")

2, whether or not by the large categories included in the catalogue (such as: Dmoz,yahoo and so on), such a site PR low is only temporary things, after one months will be a little longer time, people's PR will fly up, then you exchange with others, people may not agree, all have to have a long-term vision to treat the current things.

3, whether is included in the site most of the page, if a good quality, reasonable structure, then that is the site is very popular search engines. The number of pages collected and the PR value is proportional. Of course, some sites dividend included more than 2000 pages, and some only included more than 80. The latter must be bad. We see how much is the proportion rather than the number. If the former has hundreds of thousands of pages to include more than 2000 pages, this is not a very good site, the latter only 100 of the collection of more than 80. Obviously the latter is much higher in quality than the former. Such a site is also an ideal Exchange object.

4, whether with a lot of similar sites exchange links or with a lot of websites exchanged links (does not include self-help links); This is a potential factor in PR rise, so you can check the number of links in the exchange. Especially the quality of the link is not much.

5, the quality of the site, this is related to the site can be long-term problems, if the quality of the site is poor, but the PR is very high. Such a site is also not an ideal Exchange object. Site quality of the site's PR will one day come down, which for your site PR instability added a big factor.

6, how the site rankings (refers to the hot keywords), such a site will not only bring a certain amount of traffic to your site, but also a good partner. Because only a high quality site can be placed in the first few (generally one months is a good site).

7, whether it is similar to the site, because the ranking algorithm, the same kind of site to your site to vote the higher the score. So that your site is likely to get a better ranking.

8. Try to submit to a large catalogue, this approach not only gets high-quality backlinks, but also does not pay any price.

C: Link site relevance is particularly important, the general words in the exchange of links to consider not only the quality of the site, there is correlation. If it is not related to the site, the ranking of your site and PR impact will not be very large. Therefore, the proposal in the exchange of links to select a higher correlation as the first page link, rather than the relevant site even if the PR can only be a secondary page link.

D: The number of outbound links to grasp:

Generally one page stays below 12. This is primarily a commitment to your link partner. High-quality web sites will not be interested in those sites that have dozens of outgoing links on one page, and can provide a prerequisite for your site to link to a high PR site.

E: Optimize the internal structure of the site:

Enable search engines to include more pages on your site. such as: To clarify the structure of the site, classify clearly, at a glance; Set up navigation bar, link directly with each subcategory; set up a complete site map, and when you add pages, don't forget to update the site map page; important pages have a link to it on multiple pages within the site, This is why the first page of the PR is generally higher than other pages of a factor.

Another question is the template page problem, the observation of some sites. Its home page is 5 but most of the subordinate pages or other pages are 0.

Summary: In response to this impact on the site ranking of the main factors-links, we should be cautious, not lightly. It is important to grasp the two main aspects, that is, outside also links with internal links.


To improve the PR value of the specific methods:

(1) Message book, you can search in Google "message" and other keywords, the search out of the message thin generally have PR value, and the line in front of the message thin PR value is still high, otherwise it will not be in front, so you can in these message thin message. It is best to display a message with a link, so Google will think that the PR page has been linked to your site.

(2) is the exchange of links, although troublesome but very practical!

Finally, space enthusiasts wanted links, as long as included normal, no K records can be.

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