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In the face of Google three months a PR big update slowly to see the figure, I believe you webmaster are a bit messy hands and feet, overwhelmed. In the PR update before, as a webmaster we should calmly face. Here is a brief talk:

1, is everyone often said outside the chain, recently do not send junk outside the chain. Do not think the snapshot quickly updated on the outside chain, think so in the PR update is just can be divided into a good pr. In fact, this is very incorrect, hair too much of your station is unbearable. Then perhaps not only will not give you the PR, even want to do it again than Heaven is difficult. It is enough to suggest a few extra days, but it can also be determined by your own station. Of course, to own the station can stand is good.

2, in the PR update, do not for this and a large number of daily published articles, which may cause misunderstanding to the search engine, thinking that you are collecting or cheating. As usual, insist on publishing a certain number of articles every day, as usual update frequency on the line. Of course, the original of the article to do well. In these days must discard the past copy and paste and collection, as far as possible their original. No time original also want false original, personally think: high-quality false original = original. The original content of which search engine does not like it? After this period of time passed, we have a good PR, in a little relaxed also can. Because PR is not a day or two days out, nor is it possible to fall two days a day.

3, the last point is also the most important, that is the server problem. Because I have had one such experience: in the PR update, the server has problems, a long time to open, the results of the PR all of a sudden all gone. So recently everyone website server must not appear any problem. If there is a problem, please solve it in the shortest time, preferably not more than 24 hours.

The above is the PR update before the simple view, pay attention to the above points, perhaps the time will be divided to you an unexpected PR also not necessarily! Persistence is victory, perseverance, and finally, surprise constantly.

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