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These days for a lot of webmaster is more difficult to forget, as the original 52,000 degrees as hard to forget, because in today's Google after half a year for a long time to update the PR. Hangzhou SEO First of all webmaster site to celebrate PR rise, of course, some may have landed, like the author of a station because of the revision of the PR is clear zero. In recent years, especially from last year, Google launched the mainland, Google from our vision of the dilution and lead to PR is not to be our webmaster to see very heavy, but I want to say is still a lot of webmaster want their site PR value high bar. PR This update heard is from Google engineers hand, on this update, two or three months of new stations have PR value is not extravagant hope, because this time many new stations directly from PR0 to PR3 even to PR4. Have to say is a miracle, the following on the PR update said the author's own views.

1, the website operation is not good PR will reduce

Here said the website operation is not good refers to the site content and outside the chain increase irregular or server instability, often do not open such phenomena. I have a site has not been updated for a long time, PR directly reduced to 0.

2, the new station has PR is not a legend

In this PR update, a lot of new stations also have PR, I included a few new stations only three months less than the time there are PR1, like 28 push the forum is indirectly from 0 to 6, his irreplaceable high weight outside the chain is very powerful. According to Hangzhou website optimization learned that many sites directly to the PR1, a lot of pr2, very individual can to PR3.

3, often revised PR will be reduced

Many people are Discuz official website PR for 0 is very concerned about it, last year, the station's PR is 8, during the landing to 7, this update directly after the zero, the reason and the official forum of the frequent revision has a great relationship, or by virtue of its millions included and more than 600 million of the Yahoo back chain how could PR0 it. Hangzhou SEO also has a PR1 site recently revised just hit the muzzle of the PR was clear zero.

In addition, each PR update can cause a lot of webmaster to the PR concern, but the PR is actually Google's site weight of a standard, and can not fully represent the weight of the site. We in the exchange of links when the PR for 0 of the web does not need to have a different vision, Baidu ranked PR0 site more than the high PR of the site ranked examples of the number of numbers unbearable. Since Google PR is still updated, we should how to treat it, Hangzhou website optimization on this simple to say their own views.

1, PR value is better than no

To paraphrase an old saying, there is always better than nothing. In the site has a good PR premise, the exchange of links will become very simple, and once their own site PR0, included also less, the exchange of links will become particularly hard. Of course the author's meaning is not to say so value PR or feel PR is just floating clouds, when you exchange links, who do not want to exchange a high PR site? Of course, regular and reasonable increase the content of the site, improve the quality of the site is the most important.

2, PR for the website Baidu ranking significance

Here also do not need to comprehend PR specific algorithm, Google China on the official web said, PageRank will be the page a link to page B is considered by the page A to the page B cast a vote. PageRank based on the number of votes received and the quality of the evaluation of its critical, that is, the PR level to a certain extent, feedback the number and quality of the station's chain.

3, PR is a site weight of one aspect, and can not fully represent the weight

In the past one or two years, as Google launched the mainland and PR stop updating and Baidu to promote the broad, PR seems to fade out of our sight, more time to identify the site Baidu weight is not through the PR to weigh, so also triggered the love station such as Baidu weight algorithm. In the author's opinion, this is just a joke, after all Baidu's algorithm only Baidu know.

Experienced Google PR This update, so that webmaster to Google PR once again have a profound understanding. Google PR elevated my happy, lower I also don't worry about, reasonable operation of their website one day PR will go up, ranking will go up. This article from:, Welcome to Exchange corrections!

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