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Abstract: Under normal circumstances, the weight of the site should be more balanced, both the home page is larger than the content page, but not all of the sites are so, we need to link through a certain site to control the weight distribution. Alternatively, you can use the nofollow tag

Under normal circumstances, the weight of the site should be more balanced, both the home page is larger than the content page, but not all of the sites are so, we need to link through a certain site to control the weight distribution. In addition, the use of nofollow tags can be blocked off some links, so that the site or some of the overall weight of the page to be promoted.

Today and you share the theme is nofollow tag practical skills, summary should be in where to use nofollow more appropriate, using nofollow tags to the site to bring what benefits. Hope that through this article, can let stationmaster to nofollow label have more profound understanding.

Production Time: Nofollow label was first proposed by Google in 2005, it is an attribute of HTML, Google first support, and then Yahoo and MSN Support this attribute, just started Baidu does not support nofollow attributes, but gradually also support. So now you can rest assured that the use of this property, do not worry about the mainstream search engine does not support the situation.

Tags Purpose: The purpose of the Nofollow property is to minimize the impact of the spam link on the search engine, which tells the search engine that the link is not edited by the author, not a vote of confidence. For search engines, add nofollow links to reduce the weight or completely eliminate voting weights. Therefore, for many websites, this label can be used to ensure that the weight of the site to accumulate and transfer.

Where to use: Under normal circumstances nofollow used in blog comments or forum posts in the link, where the content is automatically generated by the user, there are more spam links, but now many mainstream blogs and forum software are automatically in the comments and posts linked to this attribute. Another can be used in advertising, whether text or picture ads, are suitable to join this attribute, to avoid the spread of weight. In addition, can also be used in some internal links to achieve control of the internal link weight and PR flow and distribution. However, nofollow most commonly used in the site or footer of the "Contact Us", "privacy", "User terms" and other links, because these links are the whole site links, will spread the weight of the site, in addition to these links users generally little concern, also will not bring rankings and traffic, So it is best to use the nofollow link to screen off spiders crawl.

Data calculation: We can calculate roughly, for a small and medium-sized enterprises or personal sites, if the home page has 20 or so links, then "Contact us", "privacy", "User terms" similar links will be at least 3 or more, accounting for about 15% of all links, in other words, The overall weight of the site will be 15% or so to these no practical use of the link, that product page or content page, the reduction of 15% to get the weight of the opportunity, then the collection and ranking will be correspondingly reduced. Of course, this is only for the general small site, if it is a slightly larger site, there will be more pages have no ranking significance, such as print pages, sorting page, etc., if the reasonable use of nofollow label filter, the weight of the site will have a certain degree of improvement.

Use effect: According to a lot of SEO personnel response, in the webmaster use nofollow control of internal links, the site's overall traffic will have a certain upgrade, and some sites in use after the Core keyword ranking has been greatly improved, but the long tail keyword ranking instead of decline. Of course, some sites have not changed. But on the whole, nofollow on the site to improve the collection must be effective, but also the use of this label link weight Guide to include inadequate columns, can help these columns to achieve the page included.

Here, through various aspects to sum up the use of nofollow experience, on the internet to see Google engineers on the nofollow label explanation, they said this label of the province is equivalent to 100 yuan, we use this label reasonably, it is equivalent to the reasonable consumption of this 100 yuan, It does have some effect on some websites, but the more important thing is how to make 300 more dollars. From this sentence we can understand nofollow tag is more effective, but at the same time can not put all the energy in the word label, but also should focus on how to enhance the weight of the site.

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