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I am a thoroughly SEO rookie, the reason why they call themselves rookie, not in the belittle themselves, indeed because of the feeling of their own shortcomings. In the A5 has seen a lot of predecessors of the article, always think the master is a master, their article always let people feel very useful. I learned a lot from their experience, and I believe that these things will make me walk more easily on the SEO journey.

In this short three months, in fact, SEO people to do three months may not be short, I also ventured to sum up some of their experience, I hope that predecessors can be more guidance.

SEO search engine optimization, as the name suggests, we have done all the ultimate goal is to search engines can more quickly find our site. For this ultimate goal, we must give full play to our ingenuity in the following three areas of attention.

1, the mentality should be smooth, to the overall situation.

I think do SEO in the whole process of mentality to be smooth, do not be anxious. Everything to the overall situation, the most important thing is to push our website to the search engine is the most easily found place.

To the overall situation, not blindly just daily updates, regardless of the quality of the article. It is not possible to move directly from someone else's original. With the website I just made----Beijing beauty's Air-conditioning repair ( for example. My site was first started in June, at that time did not understand anything, directly in the online copy a lot of articles, updated every day there are 5, 6, the results of more than n days or no snapshots, nasty death of me at that time, later in A5 saw the experience of the predecessors to know how wrong they are. Now the update is also step-by-step, do not dare to more than half.

To the overall situation, to develop a daily work plan, but also to develop each site in the optimization process of the detailed plan, each stage, can not be without purpose. I think the most important thing about this site ranking is that I insisted on this approach at the beginning. When I do the optimization, I arrange everything that I do every day, the early days must be constantly updated, high-quality articles, this time also pay attention to the use of blog hair outside the chain, now I use more of the Baidu space, Sina and Tianya, and so on Baidu, Google and other search engines included in your article after the start of the exchange of links, Send more articles outside the chain. I found in some big forums to send articles, if you take the Web site your article will have a high weight.

2, the spirit should be full, treats the website to be optimistic.

Each predecessor may have such confidence: give me a website, I can make it the first in two months.

Then I this rookie to set the goal is three months, three months I will definitely let the site in the rankings to see the effect. Perhaps a lot of predecessors will laugh, your three months, when the day Lily is cold.

Do not think so, we novice webmaster to be optimistic and full of the spirit of the site to treat the optimization. I am a novice, just start to do, really very scared, every day to see the site included, the site has not increased the chain, if included and the chain has been reduced, is very disappointed, after summing up some experience, but really still very affect the mood. If you are not optimistic to treat, such emotions will determine your decision, you may be halfway to give up, then everything you have done in vain. So optimism is important.

Novice webmaster should be full of spirit, treat the site to be optimistic. It is mainly manifested in the following three aspects:

(1). When updating the website article, must think positively the method which the false original article. To make their articles more high-quality, more worthy of the search engine trust. I have summed up some of the experiences in the past three months, and many of them have talked about it. I think the quality of false originality is four points: Modify the title, content replacement, keyword establishment, multi-angle processing.

A. It is necessary to modify the title, Baidu seems to be the same title of the article----first look at the update date, but if you are the weight of the site high your ranking of this article is good, for example, my site if there is an article about air-conditioning is not refrigeration, if Sina also has this article, it is in my later days update, but you search the time or Sina net in front of me, so certain To change the title, but also to focus on the method, the title should be eye-catching, to attract viewers attention. B. Content replacement It's simple, experienced will say that at the beginning and end of a paragraph with their own, the middle of some paragraphs if not important to delete, or to replace some of the position of the paragraph, these are commonplace, no meaning. I have a small trick, perhaps a lot of predecessors also in use, is to find two articles very similar to the article, a part of the inside, and then integrated smoothly on OK.

C. keyword establishment is very important, this is directly related to the lifeblood of your site, no keywords your site is like no blood flesh, pale. The establishment of key words must match the core of the site, to my site for example, I began to be the Lord to do "Beijing beauty Air-conditioning repair center" the word, the word is also the name of our website. I think so, the word to do up, my site another keyword "Beijing beauty air-conditioning repair" will follow up, I put the "Beijing United States Air-conditioning repair center" as a long tail keyword use, so do more than one. So do the key words must pay attention to methods, long tail keyword use is very important.

D. Multi-angle processing is one of the best ways I've felt since the beginning. For example, I added the latest message on my website to this piece, on this piece I adopted is the question and answer form, to some users in the use of air-conditioning in the process of the difficulties raised by some of the problems I sorted out some information to make detailed comprehensive answers, so I can borrow this platform to original many articles. Also, when updating the article from the point of view of the viewer, think about their needs, if necessary, can experience their thoughts, so we give him what he wants, they are also willing to come to our website.

(2). When you send the site outside the chain to bold cautious thick skin. We all know that in Baidu know to leave a link will have a high weight, I do it, I often find some questions exploratory in the answer when adding links, if Baidu included words then you must pay attention to seize the opportunity to answer a number of questions plus links, this time plus the chain should not be deleted. So out of the chain when to bold try, mind also to close, do not Baidu has not let you add a link to add, this may cause you to be k, also do not add too much, one estimate 4-6 good, I remember a period of time added too much, the result was deleted a lot, this kind of Baidu to know a bad image, I haven't been able to add links for a long time. Shameless is not afraid to be sealed, this is not a big deal, not the number of the webmaster is not to stand up. I remember at the end of the world to ask, I answered the question is a blind answer, mainly in order to add links, and no matter with what I said, crazy send a pass, I remember the most time a number in the inside sent dozens of links, the same day my number was sealed, can no longer do any operation. Sealed my number can not seal my heart, I change the number to come again, I can not kill the small strong.

(3). Change the link must be proactive, don't wait for someone else to change you. The sky will not drop pie to lazy people, fall off you too lazy to pick up or the same to kill you.

The experience of the Elder Exchange link is very good, it is worth studying. I summed up the experience of the predecessors, draw the following points:

A. Use the link for the QQ Group Exchange links. This is essential for each webmaster a means of exchanging links. A webmaster has 10 to change links of the group is not strange. At the beginning do not understand the time, always see the predecessors of the QQ in flashing a constantly, feel very novel, and then after more to know the magical magic of these groups. So far, I have a lot of links through the group exchange. To change the link or to pay attention to the method, do not blindly map the PR value of others site, in fact, the site's snapshot update speed is also very important, although the PR value of high weights, but experienced will choose to have updated every day of the site, the potential of these sites is unlimited, if its PR also rose, It will bring unexpected rewards to your site. When changing the link is very important point is related to high, for example, my site is about air-conditioning repair, so it is best to find air-conditioning repair site, of course, maintenance class is also OK. There are links to see some of the site's parameters: Website PR value, Alexa rankings, home snapshots, included quantity, update speed.

B. Find a link on the Web site on your competitor's website to exchange links. A website that exchanges links with your competitors will also be willing to exchange links with you, so don't worry about it rejecting you. The way to Exchange is to enter their website to find their contact, the best QQ, and then exchange with them, using the telephone is not necessary, after all, the Internet is much cheaper than the phone.

3, action on the implementation of stronger, do not stop.

Experienced webmaster know that it is a very boring thing to keep updating every day. For example, I do the update of air-conditioning repair always joked with others that: the future will not do this kind of website promotion, see air-conditioning two words I want to vomit!

It is such a boring thing, you have to sit next to the computer, spend one or two hours a day, non-stop updates, you have stolen laziness? The answer is YES! or you delay the update because of something, and soon you will find that your site is affected by your slack, most notably the snapshot. There may be no snapshots of your site on that day. So strong execution is important, and planning is beautiful.

Website update bogey is dry stop, we must adhere to. Early on needless to say, in terms of quantity and quality must be guaranteed, the ranking can be less, but it is best to stay in the range of 1-2 every day, do not say ignore him, because you do not do others, soon you will be squeezed down.

Site updates may encounter such problems, obviously updated, but there is no next day snapshot. I think you must be the same as me the update article is not timed. Unscheduled update on the site snapshot is very influential, my site is usually 8 o'clock to 9 o ' clock in the evening, one time I have nothing to update the afternoon, did not expect the next day did not take a snapshot, I was startled, and then updated the snapshot on time back. Therefore, it is important to update on time.

Well, this is my rookie of some experience, novice webmaster's road is still very long, I believe I will be able to do better. I hope you will give more advice to my qq:578785411.

Author information: Beijing U.S. Air-conditioning repair, Beijing, the United States Air-conditioning repair center network. To see the author more articles please search Beijing beauty air-conditioning repair or landing site. Copyright NOTICE: Welcome free reprint, reprint please hand mercy, retain the original author information, thank you for your cooperation!

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