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Long ago know that the choice of IP address, may determine a site in Baidu search in the weight, so experienced seoer will generally choose not to be punished IP address, preferably an IP address corresponding to a website, is conducive to the weight of Baidu upgrade.

I set up a live entertainment site (Mango Live network) Six months ago, first put in a domestic server, one months later released, although not many, but also in the gradual increase. Later, because of the filing problem, had to rent a cloud server in Hong Kong, during which the site was interrupted 1 days. Moved to the cloud server after one months, included not much change, but the snapshot is not updated in time, the keyword also gradually fell to 0.

I think this is the normal phenomenon in the initial period of Baidu, the new site is often to go through the inspection period of Baidu, included slow, keyword instability, so did not care. But one months have passed, and one months have passed, the 3rd month, I feel very abnormal, snapshots almost one month update, the keyword has been 0.

As a matter of time, the server for another website expired, and I ordered a cheap server from abroad with 5 IP addresses. I also moved the mango Live network to this server, a separate IP address assigned.

The next day, the keyword began to appear! Snapshot updated to the beginning of March! I began to suspect that Hong Kong's IP is in the Baidu blacklist. But still need to continue to observe, see the key word is snapshot is stable restore?

Day by day, I found that the keyword is indeed basically stable recovery, but the snapshot is not timely, should be the site weight is not enough reason. But it can be proved that the IP address is really important to SEO! I was so silly waiting for 3 months, naïve waiting for Baidu release and keyword. Although I still do not know how to query the IP address is the Baidu penalty or in the blacklist (reverse this IP, can only see corresponding to their own site) but in the future to do the station is really to guard against this. A lesson for yourself.

If there is an expert to tell me how to query the IP is Baidu penalty, it is very grateful! This article by the webmaster feeds!

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