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Presale is an art form that is conditional on potential customers, making them more likely to buy products or services. It is usually performed by your site and then sent to the site's visitors to the vendor's reserve or target page. All presale strategies have a common goal, which is to make customers feel comfortable with their buying prospects and make them want to buy your product.

The presale strategy can be built on a respectable outlook for months or years: When people are reading your blog or communicating with you through e-mail, they are more likely to like you or more likely to trust you. But early contact with potential customers is not necessary for efficient pre-sale. When you are in a particular area of prestige, pre-sale can also be carried out.

A big part of the presale is how you can provide information that eliminates customer concerns, and how you can emotionally conquer your potential customers and be able to "> Youboy."

Since the supplier's website usually includes all the features and specifications of the product, it is not necessary to do the repetitive introductions during the pre-sale promotion. You should try to provide additional or first-hand information about the product in the form of a simple review or product comparison.

The owner of an affiliate or product often tries to make money by selling other people's products or selling their own goods. Marketers and suppliers use the same strategy: the supplier establishes a sales Web page that introduces all the benefits of the product and, at the same time, obtains the target customers through a variety of channels, one of which is the branch office.

Presale usually includes: both subsidiaries and product owners often use their email lists to anticipate potential customers. Some subsidiaries tend to advertise the pre-sale by obtaining a prospective customer's comment on the product before sending it to the customer's vendor website, rather than sending the sales home page directly to the visitor.

But there is a more powerful presale method that allows you to easily eliminate any buyer hesitation, even if you do not have a long-term relationship with your potential customers, but there are two factors that can increase your success rate.

I use this special method and I think it works very well. It helped my conversion strategy improve a lot, not the usual presale review or a basic list of recommendations. Are you interested in how it serves you? Let's figure it out in detail.

Create a pre-sale blueprint to learn how to sell indirectly.

The propaganda strategy is simple and easy to explain. All you need to do is try to sell to the target market by using the product.

People are more likely to buy when they can immediately use a product and achieve the desired effect. They do not want to buy a product, to spend half a day to discover its value. By telling them the features of the product and meeting their goals, they will be happy to buy the product because they can study how to use the product themselves.

After all, most products are not just for sale, but as a means of acquiring certain effects. Weight-loss e-books have learned how to become thinner; A site template does nothing until someone customizes it and uses it for a specific purpose.

Here's a concrete example of how to do this. Let's say you're in the market for "making money online," as a subsidiary or supplier, you want to promote a keyword tool that can help people search for entries in the online target niche market. You want people to buy this tool from you (if you are a supplier), or through your referral link (if you are a family company).

So what do you do? Not only the product audit, but to focus on creating and perfecting step-by-step instructions to solve the problem of online money, because this is what people really want. They don't like to look for keyword tools, they want to make money online, buy what they like, and can afford it.

The keyword tool is just a tool to attract them. Make a brief report, such as "The Secret of passive income: 10 kinds of ghost tricks make you earn 1000 dollars a day." I know it sounds cheesy, but headlines like this can get people's attention immediately. If your content is good, don't worry that the headline sounds like fraud.

This kind of report can be presented as a PDF ebook, an automated response process, or even a series of blog posts, to see which one you like. In this report, you can provide some detailed tips on how to make money online. Don't make mistakes, don't say abstract theories, just provide actionable steps and reliable information. The key thing to remember is that content is always around your product.

In this case, start by studying the niche market and show what the product you are promoting with the keyword tool is really functional and useful.

Give other methods of market research and free keyword tools, but make sure you show how your product is used and how it is superior to others.

You do not have to stay in a product, you can rank among and promote adjustments in certain places, and proofread performance reports for each product. For example, you can recommend an ebook after you have finished selling the article, or recommend a link after you have finished talking about creating a affiliate link.

Don't let this approach become a marketing. Keep in mind that you are selling your product in a way that you don't rush. Do not hesitate to use useful hints, to show value, readers will be very grateful to you for your help and build trust.

How do you advance to the public

Create a sales page for the Keyword tool and post a 1-day free Report on the sidebar to make 1000 dollars. Which attracts more people? Which is more tempting? Beginners and experts ... You can use the free Money report to sweep them. What about the keyword tool? There are only marketers who know what they're doing and what they need.

This method is itself a selling point, and nothing can be compared to it. Which one do you think will spread faster? A promise to make life better and a guarantee of reliable day-to-day income is a new online marketing keyword tool that is not yet acceptable to many people.

The method has a natural appeal. Not all products are. No matter how much you write a compliment on the Sales Web page, it's not going to have a well-planned plan of its own, ready to go. If your content is built around a product, it's a better opportunity to buy a reader because it helps to achieve their goals.

Once they see the hope, once they know what to do, they will not give up easily. When they know that these products will help them succeed, they will be willing to pay more to eliminate obstacles. It's all because your plan gives them a sense of direction and stirs up their desires.

This pre-sale strategy is very strong. I have achieved great success in many niche markets by using it, both as a subsidiary and as a product owner. It's my favorite way to date, and I think it's much better than a recommendation based on a simple trust in an email, or an audit that's usually as objective and value-added as possible.

By pointing out a clear path to your future, they will follow you. To sum up in one sentence: Give the fish, they will buy your fishing rod.

After editing this article will be included in the "business of the operator-Web business Success" is expected to be published in December 2009.

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