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We all know that a hot keyword if done successfully, as long as the ranking can enter the Baidu home page, not to mention the first, it will be able to bring considerable traffic to the site, especially for some by the flow of income conversion of the site, this is not conducive to the rolling cash. We do not want to do afterwards Zhuge Liang, but to advance the layout, as long as the method is appropriate, it will be able to predict the success of popular keywords, prepared in advance, the use of a series of original or False original update, in order to get good related word rankings, attract large flow in advance to prepare. How do you do that?

First of all to be good at classifying keywords, using a classification of the vision to find keywords.

Key words also exist in various fields, exist in various types of news and new events, so the webmaster to different types of news and hot events, according to their own website category for selection and grasp. For example, for video-type sites, to constantly focus on the new TV series, movies and Serial comics, and so on, the nature of the series will need you for the number of sets to be played in advance to create and optimize the key words, the film will be released in the courtyard will begin to create the relevant keywords, such as "Tangshan Earthquake online Watch", Tangshan earthquake Download "," Tangshan earthquake HD "and other related keywords, therefore, grasp the timing of the time is very important for the webmaster to timely attention and grasp the new events, may become hot events to find and use. In addition, like the game site is to combine the latest launch of the game, combined with game cheats, introduction, and even game Plug and game brush currency easy to be the focus of the player search for the creation of keywords, the same, with the concept of the key words must advance Qiangdian opportunity, advance layout and optimization, occupy the advantage.

Second, the mining of potential hot keywords must be reasonably optimized to get rankings.

For the key words have been found not only to advance the discovery and preparation, in the layout of the relevant keywords to pay more attention to the "implementation" phase of the effect, do not because of random collection of some of the network has been flooded related articles on the count as preparation, which may be time-consuming, but the effect is not good Rather than spend more time on the original and false original, so that high-quality articles to obtain the favor of search engines, conducive to a better ranking, if the rankings do well, that access to traffic will be more effective and efficient. At the same time, in the site of the text link in the article, to use relevant words in the site links, optimize the structure of the internal station link, so that the site on the Hot keyword optimization work well. If the condition allows, also through the exchange of links or purchase links, the Hot keyword as a link to the key words, so as to improve the site in a keyword on the weight, get a high weight and good collection.

Finally, do a good job of their own keyword optimization content, we should pay attention to the promotion.

In the present "wine is also afraid of the alley deep" era, the webmaster should not only pay attention to the site itself, but also to spend energy on the promotion of the website. For example, after doing some work on some potentially hot keywords, to target the content characteristics of the keyword, choose the right platform for promotion, the creation of appropriate soft text, to attract interested people to carry out relevant keyword search, like in the game to carry out the relevant new game keyword promotion, in the post bar and other forums for some pure soft text to promote, The aim is to attract netizens interest, attract more people to search related keywords, thus conducive to stimulating search engines, coupled with the links in some soft text, so that the search engine faster and better to include the relevant content of the site, resulting in high traffic, to achieve the use of the prediction of popular keywords to attract a large number of This article from Changsha Friends Reservation.

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