Predictive analysis technology can get real-time results from large data

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is large data changing the way it establishes the solution? First, it makes a huge amount of information and data that resides in a Petabyte database ultimately valuable. The regulator's guide is no longer the only reason to retain archived data, which can now be mined in ways that could not have been thought of before.

Modern big data strategies mean that analytics and digging don't happen again, it's no longer just nuggets information, and helping your company find out about past performance problems. Digging through historical data may help you plan a new long-term course, but it's a cliché if you're using traditional methods to check old data. After knowing the consistent operation means you will be in the market forever behind the opponent one step.

Instant replay of large data

Large Data Business Intelligence (BI) requires embedded analysis to obtain real-time data for predictive analysis. Combine recent data and current data to help enterprise-level users make better decisions on the spot. It is insufficient to provide sufficient data at a strategic meeting to be held in 6 months ' period.

Dental insurance provider ">united Concordia, a business system architect, Paul Jones describes how the process works within his organization. "We look at predictive analysis by using current data and regression model analysis in the data from the upcoming claims." Then we decided to deal with each claim the best thing based on our already historical information and the information we just got in the last few minutes. "So once your insurance company confirms that you've owned that bridge for a while, you'll need to claim the software and say thank you for the software development."

Strive to satisfy the customer

Jones says other industries are using such methods to improve their time-sharing business decision making processes at all levels of the workforce. In User services, queues that are managed for phone numbers stored in the system may be based on real-time and historical data. A representative may be promoted in an action that is based on an analysis of the best problem solutions. The organization can also use predictive analytics to understand how to make a company more effective in business, to be busy matching users and products/services, and thus to raise the success rate of cross-selling and upward sales.

Big data is moving forward

are large data changing it architecture solutions? Jones says health care reform has had a huge impact on the insurance industry's internal data management. Organizations like United Concordia are beginning to focus on the integration of Third-party information. This expansion of access poses challenges and interoperability and compliance issues. However, such efforts are worthwhile. "We have a comprehensive, 360-degree customer view," according to Jones. This gives us a more thorough understanding of customers and better service to them. ”

Not only are health care organizations changing. Companies in many industries are connecting forces and sharing information on an unprecedented scale. This will make it more necessary for organizations to apply predictive analysis to their BI framework. There is no other way to look at this, and the big numbers are just growing.

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